Kicking it

After I posted a couple of photos of me and my ‘spark’ or kick-sled, if you like, several of you wrote that you would like to see the spark in action.

Sunday was a glorious day with plenty of sunshine and new snow, so Sir Pe and I rounded up kids and dog and went down to the lake with my camera. Here are the photos Sir Pe took of me kicking along on my kick-sled!


And look! I can do it the other way too…


(I like the shadow play better in this series…)

Up north, where it’s cold for eight or nine months of the year, you can see people transporting shopping or big loads of wood on their kick-sleds.

As for me – I think it’s a kick-ass way of getting around on the ice,  not to mention a good way of getting the old buttocks a bit firmer…

33 thoughts on “Kicking it

  1. And for our next trick, we’ll cut a hole in the ice, and LadyFi can demonstrate how to use those ice-pick thingies she’s wearing around her neck… or maybe not :-p


  2. Oh Dumdad – I love the idea of being a Super Action Hero!

    Sir Pe – go ahead! I’ll take the photos this time…

    Carol: Got your joke! Perhaps it’s time to visit that nudist garden/monastery of yours… 😉

    J Cosmo: Ah, you’re an armchair snow lover…

    Henry: It is great fun. Oscar loves running along beside me.


  3. This looks like so much fun! It’s a different world altogether with so much snow all over. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂


  4. this is AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it!! I am afraid that it would prove to be a bit too complicated for me to be able to figure out!!


  5. I’ve never seen one before! Looks like fun (looks like you have some serious skillz on the sled!-Hey, do you ever go ice fishing? It’s popular here up north).


  6. Love that kick-sled! Wish we got snow like that in Dublin – we’ve only had two days of snow this last winter!

    I would love to be able to play around in lots of snow!


  7. Have you ever tried attaching the dog to the spark??? Talk about fun…and it’s still a work out- you usually have to hold on tight when the dog runs like crazy and then braking is also a lot of fun…usually quite abrupt but fun never the less. I want my spark…that looked like fun…waaaaaaaaaaa….


  8. Sir Pe: That could be followed by cooking demonstrations of the fish she acquired whilst ice-fishing! (Or else bailing on that idea and we can watch her throw them back and speed away on the kick-sled….!)

    I have NEVER seen one of these. Seems like such a good idea! And fun!


  9. Great demonstration Lady Fi! Thank you so much! I agree Sir Pe should do the ice spike demo. Your spark looks like fun, and yes I bet is is good exercise. Looks like metal runners, do you wax them? I know I am a pain in the you know what..I just need to know more. The actual part where you rest your one wide is that area? How well does it work in deep snow? 🙂


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