44 thoughts on “Ice blossoms

  1. Hoar Frost makes for some gorgeous photos… One year we were in Arkansas on the mountain –and experienced some beautiful hoar frost… Obviously, we took tons of pictures… Thanks for sharing yours.



  2. Beautiful photos — we have snow today after a very mild winter here in CT – just flurries that are melting fast, but it’s more “winter” than we had most of the winter.


  3. OMG, I’m sitting here looking at these STUNNING images and drooling!

    You know how much I love winter (the cold, the snow, and the grey sky), so I am in heaven right now 🙂

    And you’re absolutely right, the do look like chandeliers! HA!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty, my friend. And have a fantastic week!


  4. Such beauty in your cold winter scenes! We’re still getting snow and temps are fluctuating above and below freezing. Stay well, Fi!


  5. Hello, the hoar frost is amazing. Winter is not over yet. The trees and sky are beautiful! Take care! Enjoy your new week!


  6. No chance of hoarfrost here in Florida, where the temps are in the high 80s already, and it’s only early spring. I love the title Ice Blossoms, so delicate sounding.


  7. Your ice blossoms are beautiful. I love at least one bitter cold spell in the winter. Keeps the ticks and snakes at bay for a while.


  8. We have been lucky so far this Winter. Not so much as years before, and now rain and warm weather and I hope it goes straight on into nice, sunny days. The snow covered trees are beautiful.


  9. That is incredible, Lady Fi. Thank the Lord for people with your talent to capture it. Hoping you and the pups are doing well.


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