91 thoughts on “Winter ribbons

  1. Wow… absolutely spectacular, love how you captured the light, and the fog. Beautiful words to accompany this lovely picture! Thank you for visiting my blog, i hope we become friends 🙂

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  2. “To offer ribbons of light and soft colour.”

    I love the way you describe things, Fiona!

    Breathtaking photograph, my friend! WOW!

    Have a lovely weekend….X

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      1. Soon, I think. And in dribbles.

        I hope all is well. I never sent my condolence regarding the passing of your father, it wasn’t out of neglect but rather out of privacy. We find ways to put them in art, images and words, don’t we.

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      2. I kinda just started, mostly to see if the code is working properly on a live server. Still sort of a construction page but with an owl slider in the header (drags left to right or click or touch on the owl bars). If you go there, be forewarned, this ‘kid’ has the music on and hidden.


  3. That’s so beautiful. Looks a lot like Wisconsin – which could explain why, when my Swedish great grandparents emigrated, settled in northern Wisconsin. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words about our sweet kitty, Tuppence. xo

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