Feeling festive

Christmas is soon upon us! Unfortunately, we’re suffering from grey weather and lack of snow, so I’ve delved into my archives to try and capture that festive feeling…

A magazine contacted me recently and bought this photo

Called Festive. I like the simplicity of this arrangement.


I love Nature’s

Very own fireworks. (We never have real ones.)

Snowy fireworks.jpg

The Christmas spirit

Isn’t to be found in things —

Although I was happy to discover Santa’s sleigh a few years ago.

Santa sleigh copy.jpg

The Christmas spirit is one of love,

Compassion and forgiveness.


For more festive feelings, please visit: Our World.



79 thoughts on “Feeling festive

  1. Compassion and forgiveness … when looking at the world, these qualities seem illusive yet a deeper view shows people everywhere trying to do the right thing and to do good. Thank you for the reminder and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. We have leftover snow/ice here but rain and mild temperatures are in the forecast for Christmas Eve so it will be gone. I love the photo of the tree with the apples for decorations. Merry christmas to you! Have a wonderful holiday.


  3. Fiona, I can’t thank you enough for digging through your archives and sharing these MAGNIFICENT snow images because we too have had no snow so far this winter. In fact, it’s predicted to be in the HIGH 70’s on Christmas day.

    As one of your other readers said, I think all your photographs are magazine-worthy 🙂

    LOVE the one of the sleigh!

    What a wonderful Christmas post, my friend! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  4. “…grey weather and lack of snow”…in here, too!! Your winter images are a delight for soul.
    I’m wondering, I’m thinking… and I believe that from two years ago is the last time since I saw snow consistently in the city…
    “Being grey” is the color state of the last seasons for a long time. and for sure, no one can say that it looks like a Spring or autumn time, because it is colder than usual in those periods. But who knows? Perhaps snow will come just in time to have a magical White Christmas!… And for sure you’re right: what we really need is love, forgivness and compassion!
    Till then all the best for these Holidays, warm and cosy Christmas time, good cheer with lots of joys, friends and a good health to you and family! Crăciun Fericit şi voios, tuturor! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, too!


  5. Dear Lady Fi – thank you immensely for the joy you spread with your amazing photography; I’m not surprised a magazine purchased that first image – it’s simplicity is gorgeous. I do wish you and yours a specially blessed and safe Christmas and look forward to viewing more of your spectacular photography throughout 2016 and beyond.


  6. Lovely photos and sentiments! Sorry you don’t yet have snow but then we make the best of it don’t we? Sending you and the family best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season and start to the new year!


  7. Beautiful capture on things relevant to Christmas and that also make wonderful reminisce of past celebration. The first one is worth gifting!
    Merry Christmas


  8. The KISS in the first is exquisite. And the Season is best, an true, if kept simple. So from me to you, Merry Christmas and Shtufffs.


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