The joy of dogs

Indulge me as I revel in the joy of dogs.

(This is our dear Oscar – gone but not forgotten.)


They know how to live life

So fully and happily and goofily

(Life is better with a bit of silliness in it and Simson is our little goofball.)


They know how to greet friends

With open paws and make them feel appreciated

(This is Alba, a friend’s dog.)

Having fun copy

And they know that a smile and some snow

Is the best cosmetic in the world,

(Just like our Ruby).

Ruby snowface copy

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114 thoughts on “The joy of dogs

  1. Wonderful doggie post.. It is a happier world with the dogs in it.. Your Simson and Ruby are adorable.. Happy March, have a great new week!


  2. Olá, os nossos amigos cães são fantásticos, conseguem cativar e dar carinho, quem diz que os cães não tem sentimentos, não sabe o que diz.


  3. A house isn’t a home without at least three dogs. We were a home of only two for a couple months, but God sent us a stray to play with Lucy. Things are all better now 🙂


  4. You can share as many dog photos as you like. :-)) I love it.
    I think it is great your dogs get so many walks. Molly, our Boston, she gets a walk every day. Usually two miles in the Winter and three the rest of the seasons.
    She loves when we are able to go for a hike and she can explore the woods as well.
    Great photos, they make me smile.


  5. Such lovely photos of all the dogs. Sweet Oscar being remembered and Ruby looking perky. I love galloping Alba too. You have captured all their unique personalities.


  6. Dear Lady Fi, there is a joy that seems to reside deep down in dogs. That is part of their very nature. There is I think always a desire to choose–as Harry Potter did–the joy of being goodness for another. Peace.


  7. Aw, I love your tribute to your dogs. They are such wonderful companions. Sadly I cannot own one in my condo , not even a tea cup version.


  8. I have always believe that we can learn more from our pets than they can from us.

    As you shared…

    “They know how to live life….”

    And what’s more, they know what unconditional love is because they ARE unconditional love.

    Beautiful photographs, Fiona! Love that last one of Ruby!



  9. Gotta love them! ….their exuberance and their smiling faces. Enjoyed the photographs. And I knew that was Oscar instantly.

    Elvira and I went for a four hour hike on Saturday, the first extended tour de force due to extreme cold in over a month. To say she was delighted would be an understatement.


  10. Beautiful images of Oscar and Alba. Dogs love snows do they? Mine does too 🙂 I was raised with dogs around our house and I still remember all my parents’ dogs who were now gone. I always think dogs as part of family members, and they will stay in our hearts and minds where ever they are. Best wishes ❤


  11. Love every single shot! Life without dogs? Impossible. We are still waiting for our dog which we adopted in Greece and who is not allowed to travel because of new regulations of the new government in Greece. I think they have other and more urgent problems?


  12. So true and such wonderful moments captured by your photo camera!! And in the spirit of an early Spring, calendaristic time speaking, I want to wish you: to have a good time, a sunny one, warm days in heart and in mind, good health for you and family, good cheer, lots and lots of happy moments spent in nature and wherever you need, gorgeous blooms and amazing sunrises!! A Happy and sunny Springtime for you, now and always!! Alexa


  13. You can indulge any time you like Fiona, your furry friends are a delight.. How handsome Oscar was, you must miss him, although Ruby is gorgeous.


  14. A fine “joyful” post of these attractive dogs. Dogs live life so well, too bad humanity can’t learn their ways better.


  15. There is nothing that cheers me up in the morning to come and see your goldens! Oscar was so much like my dog,it is like looking at a picture of her! She did love the snow also. Goldens are so happy and friendly.


  16. Dearest Lady-fi; How LOVELY Oscar looks♡♡♡ I still have my sweet memories with Tony (shetland sheepdog) we had before I was 30’s. Never succeed to convince hubby to have another one p;) Always heartwarming to see faces of doggies♪

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


  17. They all sound cool!! How beautiful the moments snapped to be memorable and remarkable. (sorry the above comment fell mistakenly as anonymous)


  18. Ahhh ….. what a beautiful picture Oscar. Of course you never forget that. This is a friend and people who live on in your heart:-) The photo of the dog of a friend is also a sweetheart:-))))) Snow is indeed a very good cosmetic hahahaha …
    Greetings, Helma


  19. Sweet dogs, and they all do have such different personalities..I remember every pet we have ever owned, and miss them so much. Have a blessed day!


  20. Ahhh—such great pictures of your Sweetie… YES–Oscar is gone but will never ever be forgotten… We humans could learn from dogs.. They live life to its fullest, they are always happy, and they love us unconditionally –no matter the circumstances…. Love your post today!


  21. posts like these make me want a dog so badly .. i wish i lived somewhere that was larger .. our small apartment is just not big dog friendly and honestly much as i love dogs in general, i am not truly a small dog lover ….


  22. Oh dear Ladyfi.. I had to scroll down as I saw the dog of today’s post was not Oscar. I first thought it was.. took him for granted.
    I am so sorry Oscar has passed away, gotting so used to see him here in your blog.
    Rest in Peace dear Oscar. 💚


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