Poppy love

Back in May,

The poppies were out in abundance —

Big poppy copy


Waving gently in the sun;

Flock of poppies

Some with flamboyant red

Upside down tutus;

Poppy cup

Others a mere

Poppy burst.

Poppy burst

I took a long time taking photos,

So Ruby had to check on me every now and then.

(She’s still on maternity leave with her pups at the moment though.)


For more bursts of colour, please visit: Our World.

108 thoughts on “Poppy love

  1. Oh, how I would love to turn back the time so that it would be May again and we would get to relive this glorious summer once again! Thanks for the little trip to the warm spring day in your garden to see your gorgeous poppies!


  2. Ah, yes!! Gorgeous, colorful flowers and terrific captures as always!! And Poppy love and Puppy love!! Can’t wait to see photos of the puppies! Give Ruby a pat for me! Have a great week!!


  3. Thank you for posting these, Felicia…poppies are one of my most favorite flowers and I cannot seem to grow them to save my soul….give Ruby an extra biscuit for her patience!…:)JP


  4. oh i love poppies so much! they always remind me of growing up in portugal as a young girl. i didn’t get to see any when i went north this year. thank you for posting these.


  5. You remind me that I’d like to plant some poppies here. Your photos are just wonderful. Upside down tutus made me smile.


  6. Your poppies are magnificent. I love poppies and saw many of them in the fields of France when we were there, more than any I have ever seen in my life. Ruby is so cute with her head popping up like that. Such a pretty dog 🙂


  7. Gorgeous poppy photos, Fiona. It’s easy to lose track of time photographing beautiful blooms like these, isn’t it! They make me think of flamenco dancers!


  8. Sweet and Beautiful pictures of poppy and Ruby♡♡♡ So sorry for my belated comment. Still Struggling with my new PC; surprised with the drastic change(^^;) Love,xoxo Miyako*


  9. Awesome and a cheerful color! 🙂 how wonderful life is, always a magic.
    Each spring is a glory, and your photos show that.Oscar with his poppies!?
    Such magnificent! 🙂


  10. Love those flamboyant ladies with their upside down tutus! Beautiful. Ruby would rather run than stop to smell the flowers though (well, then. Maybe now she’d be happy for the slower pace!). Makes me happy to see you posting a ‘back in time’ … because I’m going to be doing a lot of that for a while . (If Lady Fi can do it, so can I, I will tell myself).


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