The many shades of cold

Since we’ve had fresh snow and sinking temperatures —

Down to minus 19 C this week —

I am inspired to show you the colours of cold.

Cold fog

Sometimes the cold is a golden fog,

Sometimes an intense orange framed by trees.

Freezing orange fog copy

When the dawn is really cold,

The fingers of the sun paint the treetops

With frosted red.

Cold and orange

My favourite winter colour

Has to be the diamond carpet of snow

Topped off by dazzling blue skies and sun —

It’s moments like these that lift my spirits.

Blue skies and Oscar

For more winter/summer shots, please visit: Skywatch.

103 thoughts on “The many shades of cold

  1. Beautiful colors of winter –and COLD… It’s cold here this morning, but at least the sun is out and they say it’s going to warm up this weekend. I’m ready for spring. When does spring get to your area? About May?????



  2. What shades of cold! How marvelous the sweeping red brush on the tip of trees! The red walls are favorably accentuated.
    I am also inspired a lot with these pictures.


  3. Great pictures showing the snow and cold. We do not have snow right in my local area, but other place in the country, there are 5 to 10 cm of snow. This morning we had minus 8.6 degrees. Wishing you a good weekend 🙂 Hanne Bente


  4. Oh my, such beauty. You make winter look so good indeed. I guess I will return to look at these when I get so depressed about the fact that we are expecting a blizzard next week.;) Have a great weekend and stay warm.;) xoxo


  5. minus 19 ?? how awful we had – 12 in Brussels and that was very cold. In fact we are not used to these cold temperatures. Normal is – 6 ! Your pictures are beautiful !


  6. These are all incredible! I was thinking #2 and #3 were tied for my favorite, but then I saw the last one – and any photo with Oscar in it is automatically bumped to the #1 spot. 🙂

    Who knew that “brrrrr” could be so beautiful?


  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow — even when we used to go to the mountains to cross-country ski (in Oregon). Maybe I would love it better if I’d ever lived where it was this absolutely beautiful. The red-sky one (that you said was when it was the coldest) is my favorite.


  8. Simply gorgeous. But even at our house more than 2km above sea level, that’s very cold for this time of year – we were at +18C this week!


  9. Dearest ladyfi,
    How GORGEOUS these pictures are♡♡♡ In my area in Japan, there are no snowfall which piles for us ti see and I reminisce the icicles I coud see when little(^^;)  
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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