Shades of grey

You’re not tired of snowy pictures yet, are you?

Good. Because neither am I!

Snow scene

The skies are often grey over here

As they are weighed down by snow clouds.

But that suits my world so full of grey and silver highlights.

Grey and white

Roofs are utterly delicious

As they remain hidden under white frosting

And cats smile under snowy hats.

Roof icing and fence copy

My favourite view is this lovely grey wooden house

With a wonderful curl of roof icing.

Icing side view copy

For more lovely greys, please visit: Our World.

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104 thoughts on “Shades of grey

  1. Gooooood shtufffs, you. ………… tones and tonal, adds weight, volume and mass and gives that sense of depth. Don’t know about you but I prefer taking photographs on cloudy days in the deep of winter, especial when your close or part of the surroundings. Bright light can fade deep rich colours of delicate things.


  2. I so value your images and I’m certainly not tired of the snow. The colours, the light, the landscape in which you live never ceases to amaze me. Sheer beauty and I love seeing it. Perhaps because it is sooo different from ours.


  3. I have never seen a snow curl to rival that one!!! Most people around here would break it off – we had a lot of roofs damaged by snow build-up a few years ago, and people get nervous…
    I have to agree with you that gray house is beautiful!! Especially the cat on the roof!!


  4. Fiona, bring them on!! These photos remind me of how winter should be or at least used to be around here….when I was a wee lad!
    You have really inspired me you know……to stop/pause and take a look around. You’re the best!


  5. I’m so far behind with blog visits but I’m glad I stopped by today. I have scrolled back and enjoyed every one of your beautiful posts but this sculpted snow is just divine!


  6. Your pictures have been a bright spot in my life this month even though I haven’t been by to comment. I hope you’ve gotten over your frostbite! Cheers! Danette


  7. I’d love to be inside and looking out at that silver lining! Finally snowing a bit here – only a very little, though – no frosting on my roof.


  8. That curl is unique. And, I can relate to grey skies as evidently where I live ranks up there with Seattle as the most cloud-covered portion of the US. Enjoy your day LadyFi.


  9. I can only imagine what it will be like 🙂 I normally send warm hugs…I don’t think I will send you one as I don’t want to melt that beautiful view.

    Best regards will do.



  10. I love me some snow and you really captured the magic of snow in the country. Frosting indeed and much more appetizing than grimy city snow.


  11. Awesome winter pictures, Lady Fi!
    We had also two weeks of snow, but Sunday was the thaw and
    everything is gone now…
    The temperature is so high that it seems like spring over here… 😉 🙂
    Have a nice week Lady Fi and warm greetings from Holland,


  12. Pictures like these make one wish for a BIG snow. We never get snow like this here in VA. I love the way it is draping down from the roofs. genie


  13. Those snow scenes are breathtakingly beautiful. I particularly love the overhang of snow with the little kitty wind vane over the top. Please keep posting them. We will rejoice with you when winter is finished, but in the meantime, keep them coming!



  14. Oj, vad mycket snö, så mycket har vi inte haft i vinter och nu smälter den bort 4+ Nu väntar vi på våren.
    Bilderna var verkligen fina bra att ha som minne man glömmer fort.
    Ha en fortsatt fin vecka
    Kram meta


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