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Still grey

I get a lot of comments about how colourful my world is. That’s because I focus on the bright and the colours.

But as you can imagine, we do get a lot of grey days.



Even then, there is beauty in the stillness of the grey;


And in the perfect upside world of reflections.

Bare birches paint abstract pictures in the water;


And the pop of colourful buoys make them look like

Floating sweets.

(The grey almost adds a 3D feeling to the scenes, don’t you think?)


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The drama of the grey

Novembers past speak of old jetties reaching out

To embrace the drama and gentleness of grey.


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Upside down bowl

An unseen hand

Turned the bowl of the sky upside down,

Scattering clouds into the water.

(And, of course, it always helps to have a dog in the picture too.)

Cloudy reflection

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With ears flapping

Spring is due here any moment…

I can tell by the grey days we’re having

Simson jetty

When branches drip

With rainy pearls,

Rain pearls copy

And catkins

Revel in melting snow.

Catkin copy

The little yellow suns of the crocus

Patiently wait for some sun

As do we.


In the meantime, I enjoy the orange pop of a boat —

I like how the lines on the boat match

The waves on the lake.

Orange pop

And when another hail or snowstorm rushes in

We meet it with ears flapping

And hair flying – in the hope that spring will soon arrive.

Ears flapping

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Fifty shades of grey

It’s been very grey here –


So grey that the newspapers are saying

We’ve had fewer than 8 hours of sunshine so far this month.

In fact, it looks as if even the ducks are complaining about the lack of sun!


There are moments of beauty, though,

When the grey and the bird

Look like a silken painting.

Bird in clouds copy

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Frosted delight

Come and let’s take a walk through my enchanted world.

In the early morning, the freezing temperatures

Create art out of silver beeches


And the hoar-frosted trees frame

The pyramid of the swings at the end of our street.

Hoar frost swings

Once out on the lake, I walk past

An enchanted red boat house

Hiding among frosted branches.

Hoar frost - red house copy

Zooming out with my lens, I see the boat house

Belongs to this summer cottage

Patiently waiting for warmer days.

As for me, I’m enjoying the last cold days

Of magical hoar frost and ice.

Hoar frost - red house 2

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Shades of grey

You’re not tired of snowy pictures yet, are you?

Good. Because neither am I!

Snow scene

The skies are often grey over here

As they are weighed down by snow clouds.

But that suits my world so full of grey and silver highlights.

Grey and white

Roofs are utterly delicious

As they remain hidden under white frosting

And cats smile under snowy hats.

Roof icing and fence copy

My favourite view is this lovely grey wooden house

With a wonderful curl of roof icing.

Icing side view copy

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Grey is the new light

My small slice of the world has been wrapped up in soft grey tissue paper.

And sprinkled now and then with pearls. In this case, the luminous moonstone white of the swans bobbing upside down in search of food.

And just when I think the soft grey clouds are winning, I catch sight of a splash of tinsel, a dab of gold.

We have to embrace the grey too. After all, it is a part of life’s mosaic.

And look – the soft grey pastel tones have a near-magical quality!

What greys will you embrace today?

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The Fire Tree

grey_cloudsNovember is traditionally a very grey month here in Sweden. The buses are full of morose Swedes, who look depressed and even downright suicidal. People defend themselves with newspapers or burrow themselves into their scarves, no longer capable of delivering a little smile or nod of the head. Frowns and wrinkles abound.

The winter Swede is here to stay until the spring arrives in an explosion of colour and blossom.

The winter Swede is affected by the dwindling hours of sunlight, and becomes fairly anti-social. The streets become deserted, the swings remain silent. Everyone seems to go into hibernation in their cozy little houses where they keep the feelings of sadness at bay with masses of candles and saffron buns. (The summer Swede is the complete opposite.)

The winter Swede complains about the greyness, the rain, and the lack of colour. Which is strange really.


Because there – where you least expect it – is a riot of colour. This tree blazes on the street above ours in glorious orange, burning as bright as a crackling fire.

And in the dripping woods, the moss, the heather and the blueberry bushes are still green.

And surely it is worth keeping a slight smile on your face, because who knows? There, just around the corner, the golden embrace of a tree might be waiting to greet you.


(First picture courtesy of Janne M.)

(Other pictures taken with my mobile phone.)