Web of life

I love the golden September sun

That lights up the secrets of nature.

Golden strands of web are the theme here —

Sometimes so fragile you can hardly see them;

Sometimes interlacing rainbows

Reminding us that we are not the web,

But a lovely thread in the web of life.

For more luminous pictures, please visit: Our World.


80 thoughts on “Web of life

  1. Liggt is extra beautiful at this time of the year!
    First when I read your headline on the thumb I read Web or life…
    Thought that one was a clever one too…



  2. Exquisite captures and wise words! I do love the spider web — a perfect match of strong and fragile at the same time! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the wisdom! Have a great week!


  3. Nice pictures showing:
    Thanks for your comment.
    Hald Ruin is from 1528 (it is ruined)
    The tower is “rebuilt” in 1800.
    The hearing in an old manor house called Hald Manor – comes a post with Hald Manor at a later time 🙂
    Wishing you a good evening 🙂
    Hanne Bente


  4. ah, you’ve captured them beautifully – I find them morning, sunlight, and evening – they tangle me up, cling to my clothes and arms. you’ve given me a greater appreciation for them. thank you. happy week to you Fiona.


  5. ladyfi,
    This blog is really an amazing eye-opener to me. I also love webs very much. But, I had never come up with such a subtle and affectionate way to depict webs!! Webs as the objects for a camera were always like the web in your first photo for me. Fabulous!! Thanks a lot for sharing.


  6. This is such a beauty * flilled collection 🙂 I never noticed until I got into photography how different the light is during each season, and I think the fall light is my favorite to shoot, there seems to be a richer glow?


  7. Very choice words by Thoreau – love it. Photographers see beauty in almost everything, and then mystery in the rest, I reckon. Great shots. As for webs, endlessly fasinating to see sitting there, quietly in dew.


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