Love me

The huge city of New York

(I was there in February)

Seems to do nothing but reflect back itself

In its hard, shiny surfaces.

Yet, underneath its exterior,

You can find small signs of tenderness —

Like a tree trunk snuggled in a scarf of love;

And the faded yet vibrant beauty of an old emergency phone

Graced with stickers of love.

I’m away in the mountains of Norway for work and won’t be able to get around to your blogs for a few days.

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63 thoughts on “Love me

  1. Enjoyed these cute, vibrant and reflections of one another! Lovely composition dear πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the beauty of Norway like work wise and take care.


  2. Great reflection Fi. Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels in beautiful Norway – I have very happy memories of staying in a little timber cabin located in the middle of an apple orchard high on the slopes of the Hardangerfjord; looking down at a ferry on the water which seemed the size of a matchbox !! Fabulous experience – thanks for reviving this memory, for hosting blogs, sharing your images and visitng my blog!


  3. Brilliant shots. And I love the way that yarn bombing has spread.
    Have a wonderful time in the mountains.


  4. The way you capture the thing is special. Simple but there’s always love in it. I like that.The work in the mountain in Norway!Sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing the post about it.


  5. You have a great photography “eye”….your photos capture images the rest of us probably pass by without a second thought…really fabulous! Enjoy Roros πŸ™‚


  6. How much I love your photos!! and NY, even if I never have been there! :)) Unik and awesome city – and photos! Stunning reflections, I love the knitting “dress” on the tree! and the emergency box with all the sprouting life in the background..! =)

    In the mountains, you say – wow! =) Enjoy! and come back with some photos! πŸ˜‰

    Have a lovely time! πŸ™‚


  7. Gorgeous views of two sides of The City! (I always gasp when I remember that you actually have a “day job” in addition to your beautiful family and this lovely lovely blog — you are really a Superwoman!) — and we are the lucky ones to share your talent.


  8. New York typically isn’t associated with fragility and tenderness – all more special to find and convey them, as you did!

    Thank you for sharing, and greetings from Tel Aviv πŸ™‚


  9. I liked this quote from your blog Fi – “reflect back itself

    In its hard, shiny surfaces.” That’s exactly what big city’s do! Great description and photos. I like the love signs too – Dave


  10. Great shots. I love visiting NY, but I’m ready to leave when the visit is over. I also love your dog shot below, it captures such simple joy, which is what a good dog seems to be made of.


  11. ah, the mountains of Norway, that brings nice images to me. i hope you are enjoying your time there.
    thank you for these heartfelt images.


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