Write it in stone

This is one of my favourite spots for gazing at the lake and the sky and just being.

Lately, it has been a favourite spot for summer picnics and kids with a spray can.

At first, I was cross because the graffiti spoiled the perfection of the smooth stones against the blue sky.

But then, it reminded me of a saying I read somewhere.

Write your worries in the sand and your joys in stone.

For more joys, please visit: Skywatch.

71 thoughts on “Write it in stone

  1. Dear Fi, sometimes the unexpected can create beauty.;) I guess this truly combines nature and art.;)
    I am back from my absence and am looking forward to new posts by you, full of poetic words and stunning photography,


  2. That’s a lovely quote and a great way of looking at the graffiti! Happy Blogaversary, by the way – just read your previous post. And, er… thank you for the cornflake…!


  3. That is a beautiful spot, but it’s a shame about the graffiti. We see it here in Colorado too, even far from civilization.


  4. Good advice, but so easy to disregard. Our worries become stones around our necks, dragging us down, rather than washing away with the changing tides.

    I’d hate the graffiti, too. I think the secret is to love the beauty that is, and not pine for what is not. To do otherwise gives the destroyers too much power.


  5. Just caught up on your posts and can’t believe that just three years ago you weren’t taking your own pictures!!! You are fantastic behind the camera and this photo is another reason why I’m such a big fan. Love the blues!

    xo jj


  6. Happy Anniversary Fiona!! Yes, 3 yrs….it’s almost the same amount for me…and you were always a loyal visitor right from the start….thank you for your lovely words, photos, and gifts over the years—–long may they continue!!


  7. Fabulous post, the mix of nature’s beauty and realism of life with some sweet words to match, thanks for adding to the SWF party and your kind words on my post earlier


  8. it is a beautiful place. We make the choice every day whether we will be happy or unhappy with our circumstances. I think it’s great that you found some good in the spray paining.


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