17 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods…

  1. Love the pic. And I love that song. My Mom taught it to MiniMac last summer. He still sings it and tells me Grammy taught me this. Great memory you provoked for me today.


  2. Neat photo!!! I’d probably trip over that “dinasour” upside down claw…hahaha…I am clumsy when I walk in the woods..hahaha..


  3. The dinosaur claw is in the eye of the imaginative beholder. A great pic and wonderful memories stirred. Thanks for sharing you great find!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend filled with surprises!!!


  4. Teddy bears! You can’t go to the wood and not think of teddy bears. True, dinosaurs may eat you, but you will be thinking of teddy bears. The dinosaurs tell me that you taste a little furry because if it.


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