Shivering beauty

We’ve had snow, hail and ice in May.

But that doesn’t stop the fruit trees from blossoming.

Down at the churchyard, the trees are

Like fireworks and petals

Lie on the ground like snow.

Ruby doesn’t mind …

She always has time to stop and admire the flowers.

For more petalled beauty, please go to: Our World Tuesday.

56 thoughts on “Shivering beauty

  1. Glorious photographs, Fiona! The color you captured is exquisite. As you know, pink is one of my favorite colors 🙂

    Wow, can’t believe you had hail and ice this month!?! We’ve had nothing but rain, heat, and high humidity. I can only imagine how this summer is going to be 😦

    Love the picture of Ruby!

    Have a great week, my friend!

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  2. It’s beginning to look positively Spring-like there, even if the temperatures are not as warm as we’d like. It’s been similar here with occasional showers of hail and chilly winds.

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  3. Nature never ceases to amaze me, because whatever the weather nature wins through.
    Love the blossom trees.

    Happy May Wishes.

    All the best Jan

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  4. That is very beautiful. There’s not a lot blooming at my elevation yet – we’re supposed to get snow and go well below freezing again this week!

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  5. no more snow!!!! our spring is a little ahead of yours. our trees are no longer in bloom. or the daffodils. the tulips have just passed. now it’s the iris and peonies turn

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  6. in my town, Katrineholm, they planted 100 cherry trees last year. As a remeinder of the town being a 100 years old. The trees started flowering 2 weeks ago. They are still small of course wn next yeat will be stunning I think.

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  7. Same here in Holland Snow, Hail and to cold for this time of the year in May
    But the blossoms are still blooming and now it is already almost over, only cow parsley, rape seed and hawthorn is blooming now
    wonderful trees and serie, very nice photos.

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