Life is full of surprises — but sometimes they can give us more than we bargained for.

Last week, I was out walking the dog

When a hot air balloon swooped over my head

And landed on the green before slowly teetering on its side.

(I’ve never been dive-bombed by a balloon before!)


Planes are a little more reliable —

Big and noisy but they manage to stop in time…


A couple of months ago, I was enjoying an early morning sunrise

When I heard a honking in my ear.

A duck shot past me, grazing my cheek

And nearly knocking the camera out of my hands.

(Can you see the duck in the bottom left of the photo?)


I’m always startled when those sticks in the path

Slither over my feet…

(Perhaps you could call this foot-bombing?)


My favourite surprise though

Is a glorious sunset and a balloon … in the distance.

Sunset balloon

Go and dive-bomb this site: Our World.

95 thoughts on “Dive-bombing

  1. Hello you taught me English language at Mayfield School in Hove near Brighton in England maybe 22 years ago I,ve always had a good memory of you you were very kind and when I saw your photo I said that was my first and best teacher abroad I wish you all happiness and success in your life have a great time


      1. Hi Fiona I,m very pleased to find you and talk to you again after all that you helped me I shall be ever thankfull to you I am working at education field your manner has been a great drive to me to work in teaching and building good generation I would like to sheer with you some photos and ideas that have common interest between us so please follow me on Twitter by user name:@M7474ajlan
        Have a great time


  2. I’m not as brave as you with those snakes. Despite my Swede assuring me they are harmless, I just can’t forget those “8 of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world” from my homeland. It’s too deeply rooted to go away 🙂


  3. You do find the very best shots — and every week!! And what a terrific variety for today! That last shot is SO breathtakingly beautiful! My youngest daughter and I took a balloon flight several years ago and I loved it! Great being able to look the birds in the eye!! Have a great week!


  4. Beautiful!! Last week 4 Ducks broke out of cover right next to me one after another!! Since I`m still alive my heart must be in good shape. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


  5. An exciting batch of photos, except that last peaceful one. A snake in the grass gets my adrenaline going, since we have poisonous ones where I live!


  6. Sent shivers down my spine. So beautiful and impressive. I want a better camera now, sooo bad. I love photography and this hop so inspires me. 🙂


  7. You really need to be careful out there!
    Despite the stress of being under constant attack, you still manged to take beautiful photographs!


  8. Wow, dive bombing surprises. I love the balloon and the duck. But, the snake is creepy. The last shot is just beautiful. Great captures, Lady Fi! Have a happy week!


  9. We had a hot air ballon land on out sports oval in my last year of teaching – lesson plan out of the window!

    Great shots.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne.

    PS: the literary reference is to “The World According to Garp”


  10. Hi Lady Fi! The photos are beautiful and gave a great impression of all your subjects. The snake is perfect. What kind of snake is it? You live in Scandinavia, don’t you? I thought there aren’t many snakes.
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  11. Great post, Lady Fi! Oh, I would not react well to the foot bombing legless creature. 🙂
    That certainly would be a surprise, being dive bombed by a hot air balloon!


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