74 thoughts on “Looking for snow

  1. Is Oscar ever anything but happy? I feel sure he must get his attitude from you! Hope your having a lovely weekend! Cheers, Danette


  2. I do SO agree with you!! Nothing like a smile to make any day a beautiful day!! Oscar looks so happy and what a great smile to start my day!! Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Great photos…. Oscar loves that snow as much as I do (IF I ever got to see some)…. ha ha

    Happy Weekend, Fiona. Did you see the cute video about the dog and little boy which I put on my FB Timeline a couple of days ago???? SO CUTE… Check it out.


  4. Hello Lady Fi!
    You were with me when I needed help.
    Really thank you for it.

    Your pictures are great. You know I love your beautiful dog!
    Lots of snow at your place!
    I send greetings.


  5. Hi Happy New Year! He doesn’t seem to feel the cold! Is it an acquired capacity of dogs if you train them while still young? Our dogs in the tropics might get scared if suddenly brought to snow!


  6. ms. lady fi, it must have taken him a long time and huge efforts… can’t help but smile when he did. 😉

    have a busy and blessed 2013 – you and the trio plus the star of the show. all the best…. 🙂 ~San


  7. I love seeing the photos of Oscar it always puts a smile on my face, thanks for always sharing them. Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.


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