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Touched by the hands of angels

You know how sometimes – if you’re very lucky – you have a magical experience that stays with you forever – inside the treasure chest of your memory?

Well, a few days ago, I had such an experience. At the National Museum in Stockholm of all places. I was one of six participants/audience members in an artwork called Symphony of a Missing Room.

The artwork consisted of us wearing headphones and listening to a voice and sound effects. Most of the time was spent blindfolded. Scary? No! The overwhelming sensation was one of love, caring and the endless possibilities of life.

I found myself being led by hands that felt like feathers. Soft touches guided me while the voice in the headphones helped me explore the architecture of my own imagination. I imagined magical rooms, enchanted gardens, the laughter of children.

When the blindfold came off, I found myself in a room full of columns and graceful sculptures.

I never once saw my soft-handed angel, but when I woke up the next morning, her memory was so strong I could smell her distinctive perfume.

And even now, I find myself taking out the memory of that magical walk through the museum, holding it like a brightly-coloured jewel and smiling softly.

And marvelling at the incredible – and beautiful – power of the imagination.

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