Touched by the hands of angels

You know how sometimes – if you’re very lucky – you have a magical experience that stays with you forever – inside the treasure chest of your memory?

Well, a few days ago, I had such an experience. At the National Museum in Stockholm of all places. I was one of six participants/audience members in an artwork called Symphony of a Missing Room.

The artwork consisted of us wearing headphones and listening to a voice and sound effects. Most of the time was spent blindfolded. Scary? No! The overwhelming sensation was one of love, caring and the endless possibilities of life.

I found myself being led by hands that felt like feathers. Soft touches guided me while the voice in the headphones helped me explore the architecture of my own imagination. I imagined magical rooms, enchanted gardens, the laughter of children.

When the blindfold came off, I found myself in a room full of columns and graceful sculptures.

I never once saw my soft-handed angel, but when I woke up the next morning, her memory was so strong I could smell her distinctive perfume.

And even now, I find myself taking out the memory of that magical walk through the museum, holding it like a brightly-coloured jewel and smiling softly.

And marvelling at the incredible – and beautiful – power of the imagination.

For other magical worlds, please visit: My World!

53 thoughts on “Touched by the hands of angels

  1. What a beautiful and incredible experience! Oh, yes, very magical! I’m so happy you were able to experience something so beautiful and unique! And thank you for sharing it with us along with your exquisite photographs! Enjoy the rest of your week, as I’m sure you will!



  2. Our sense of hearing is seldom used outside of a concert hall to experience art. What a brilliant idea to be led through a museum with the help of your imagination and angel wings. Lovely.


  3. I love that you were chosen, because you are just the absolute right sort of person to be chosen. You weren’t going to sit there and reject it as being odd, or off-putting.

    Way to actually experience an afforded opportunity, Lady Fi. Then you turned around and shared it with all of us with such lilting, gentle words that truly evoked a sense of peace.

    They chose well, indeed.


  4. WoW, how very beautiful and I dreamed of a deer gettin’ in the house and lowering his head to charge me. Needless to say I awoke just in time. Heeehehehe!!

    Love the post Hon, just beautiful.

    Ya’ll have a magnificently blessed day!!! :o)


  5. Isn’t it wonderful that we would all have a different experience under the same circumstances? That’s what imagination is, I guess – a very personal inside view.


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