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Golden goldens

It was a gorgeous evening

When I went out for a walk with the dogs.

Honey light.jpg

The summer light

Drizzled over grass and dogs alike

Lighting up the fields

With its honeyed glow

Dogs running.jpg

So that there was gold

Both in the sky

And in the grass.

Golden goldens.jpg

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I had time for some lovely walks up on the West Sussex Downs while I was in England.

My first walk was wet and drizzly,

But I loved the way the countryside looked in the mist.

The sheep look a bit ram-bunctious, don’t they?


The next day, the sun broke through

And made the sky and hills sing.

How’s this for a lovely picture of friend-sheep?

Rays on sheep

This adorable creature stared at me for ages —

I loved the way she was bathed in sun rays.

And wool ewe just look at that sweet face?

I’ll go out on a lamb, and say that you’ve had

Enough of my baaa-d jokes!

Here's looking at ewe

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Playing with light

I love the way you can hold

The summer light in your hands


And pour it over

Wild fields of clover.

Beautiful clover

The light gives a perfect auburn background

For a lone flower in the sunset.

Lovely flower copy

It caresses a tree trunk

With liquid honey

Golden trunk

That spreads out to catch

The glow of a single shining strand

Of beauty.

This is peace. This is love. This is Nature.

Single shining strand

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Snowy walk

A few weeks ago, the sun was shining

And the diamonds danced on the snow.

A perfect day for a walk with my furry buddy, Oscar.

Start the walk

This boat has been adrift

On the snowy landscape all winter.

Snow boat

Our neighbours placed their impressive gingerbread church

Outside for us – and the birds – to enjoy.

Gingerbread house

Walking down twisty lanes

I spied a vibrant splash of colour in someone’s garden:

An old red pump.

Red gas pump copy

On the way home, we crossed the railway lines

In time to see the train disappearing

In a magical golden mist.

I felt as if I were living out a dream

In this enchanted winter wonderland.

Golden otherworld

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Golden feathers

Sometimes —

When the light is right

And lies in golden ribbons on the water,

The ordinary (even if just the legs of a duck)

Becomes extraordinary.

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The disappearing act

Going from solid to liquid.




The transformation from one state to another reminds me that change can be beautiful.

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Even a fresh snowfall couldn’t dim the joy of this time of year: the spring equinox.

A time when the light starts coming back, ice and snow recede eventually

And long evenings unfurl perfumed with flowers and warmth.

As one hemisphere gets shorter days and the other longer ones,

This Yin and Yang dance reminds me that we all share this world

And that we are all dependent on each other for balance and harmony.

I will love the light for it shows me the way.  Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.

— Og Mandino

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The poetry of flight

A glorious November day with the sun shining just so,

Shedding golden pools of light on trees

As birds took off – into a purple veil of fog.

Poetry in motion.

I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight.
– Rabindranath Tagore

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See, gulls!

You’ve seen these gulls before. They always seem to be hanging around the small, crooked wooden jetties down by the lake.

Sometimes they blend in beautifully with the colours of Nature: their white capped heads matching the frozen waves and their pearly grey bodies harmonizing with the melting ice.

I wonder if they were waiting for this one golden moment of total serenity: the syrupy sun dazzling their reflections, the perfectly still honey waters, the tree branches glistening with a hundred tiny twinkling orbs?

Or perhaps they just enjoy every moment that comes along?

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