Snowy walk

A few weeks ago, the sun was shining

And the diamonds danced on the snow.

A perfect day for a walk with my furry buddy, Oscar.

Start the walk

This boat has been adrift

On the snowy landscape all winter.

Snow boat

Our neighbours placed their impressive gingerbread church

Outside for us – and the birds – to enjoy.

Gingerbread house

Walking down twisty lanes

I spied a vibrant splash of colour in someone’s garden:

An old red pump.

Red gas pump copy

On the way home, we crossed the railway lines

In time to see the train disappearing

In a magical golden mist.

I felt as if I were living out a dream

In this enchanted winter wonderland.

Golden otherworld

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85 thoughts on “Snowy walk

  1. Such a beautiful, snowy, magical world you do have, Fiona!! I can almost feel the pleasure that you and Oscar enjoy on your walks together!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty!


  2. i don’t know how your pristine snow stay so .. here within a day it was disgusting … thankfully the rain today will wash a lot away


  3. I love that you see the beauty in every moment! Canada got dumped by a lot of snow and all people were doing was complaining about it! This was so much more enjoyable to see and read! 🙂


  4. Magestic! I am simply bowled over with how beautiful these photos are. Alex (my husband) looked across the room at the one with Oscar and said “Oh my God! That looks like Harry! We need to take him to the snow too!”. I agree, but the photos would never be in the same universe as yours!!!


  5. I would love to walk with you and Oscar in that enchanted landscape, Fi. But, for now, your wonderful photos must be enough. Cold here in CO, too – but you have more snow.


  6. Honestly, anyone who thinks that winter scenery is dead, boring, and/or monochromatic need only visit your blog’s winter photos. You truly do live in a magical landscape, but it’s your ability to see the magic and capture it in your beautiful photos that makes it so obvious. I love the golden light in the photo of Oscar and those snowy tree branches, and the fact your neighbors are sharing their sweet gingerbread church with the critters. Is that a Harley Davidson sign I spy behind the dazzling red pump? 🙂 The train photo is surreally beautiful! What a lovely winter sojourn I just enjoyed thanks to you. As always. 🙂


  7. “On the way home, we crossed the railway lines

    In time to see the train disappearing

    In a magical golden mist.

    I felt as if I were living out a dream

    In this enchanted winter wonderland.”

    ME TOO! WoW

    Aloha to YOU
    from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ >


  8. Snow transforms the whole landscape into beautiful pieces of art! And Oscar seems to be admiring the view! Love the scene of him just standing and watching! And adore the old pump!


  9. Vackert ljus på bilderna, Det är fint att titta på snö, nu har vi fått tillräckligt tycker jag väntar på våren.
    Ha en fin vecka
    Kram Meta.


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