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Blogger loses her marbles during her 200th post!

This is one of those long, rambling blog posts that make no sense I like to think has been lovingly put together with no some semblance of madness and wit. It is a eulogy to … Erm, before I get too pompous, let me just say, this is a celebration of my 200th post! And even though it looks like a hotch-potch of vaguely amusing pictures, it is isn’t is isn’t is!

First off, the obligatory cake…


… As you can see, I’ve been waiting for those sprinkles since last year!

Now, you might think that you can’t have your cake and eat it. But living in Sweden, has taught me that you can. They are masters of the art of compromise. You wouldn’t believe how many meetings you have to go to before everyone finally agrees to agree!


But it’s worth it – really it is. Avoiding controversy is not yet a lost art.

As you all know, I was at a company conference recently where someone let off wind. Loudly. The diplomatic silence was only  disturbed by my childish sniggering. I was going to suggest that we went away next year to an outdoor venue. But I guess that is out too.


I love the quirky things in life, so could definitely see myself wearing one of Aya Tsukioka’s superb and wacky pieces of urban camouflage clothing. Apparently, she designed this item in response to the rising street crime in Japan. Instead of using mace or alarms, she invented this cool vending dress. If you feel threatened, you just lift up the skirt and – voilá – you’ve turned yourself into a vending machine!


I love this idea for its quirkiness, wackiness and sheer originality! She has also designed a purse that becomes a manhole cover and a bag that you can turn into a fire hydrant. (Do not use when in the vicinity of dogs, though!)

How did I manage to make it to 200 posts? Well, it’s all down to you. Yes – YOU, dear reader. I’ve been carried away on the wave of your madness comments and support.


And even more bewildering is: how did you guys manage to read my two hundred posts? OK – I know you haven’t read all of them. But some of you have come pretty close. Thank you very much… now go out and get a life give yourselves a big round of applause for sticking with me! You’re the best… and to prove it, I made you all this badge out of sand. Wear it with pride – well, at least until the tide comes in…


Oh – and if you find my lost marbles, please feel free to use them. If you’ve made it to the end of this post, you’ll probably need them…

No really… we do have a contest winner… honest!

Drum roll, please! Because we really do have a winner of the book Falling Leaves!

If you left me a mnemonic suggestion, I wrote your name down on a slip of brightly-coloured paper. If you left me two suggestions, then your name was entered in the draw twice and so on.

The anklebiters got all excited and decided that your names should be tossed into their doll bath. (Shouldn’t so much pink be against the law?)


We mixed them up well and then Anklebiter #1 closed her eyes and drew out a slip. Slowly, she read out the name…


“Oh, it’s says ‘Lucy Come in’, mama! Who’s that?”

Lucy Come In is none other than…

Imagine a fanfare of trumpets here and the sound of satisfaction as the gauntlet is returned to its owner.


Louise of Carmine Superiore! That’s right: by a serendipitous twist of fate, she who demanded a contest also won it! I wanted to do another draw (in case you thought it was rigged) but the anklebiters said that wouldn’t be fair.

And then the dog started wolfing down the slips and things went rapidly downhill from there… So, congratulations Louise! And a BIG thank you to everyone who joined in. I had great fun reading all your suggestions. What can I say? I’m so proud (sniff! sob!) of having so many creative readers…

Send me your address details, Louise, and your new book will soon be winging its way towards you!