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Hollywood calling

Ruby turned 8 last week. As many of you long-time followers know, she is very good at posing for photos.

Perhaps Hollywood is calling her name…

Here she is as the Snow Queen:

Ice queen.jpg

She makes a good character

in Dame of Thrones, don’t you think?


And, of course, her ears flapping in a storm

Make her a great favourite to play Yoda.


“So, Ruby – what do you think of your mum always taking photos of you?”

No, surely that’s not you sticking your tongue out at me!


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Autumn, leaving

Autumn is all about change and leaving

In flamboyant style.


This is Ruby, as red as the leaves on the trees.

She has left us temporarily.


Why? Because she is expecting

Puppies any day now.

Can you see her round tummy?

Ruby pregnant

I’ll miss her sorely

But my young goofball Simmie

Teaches me that there is a lot to be happy about.


I go with the flow

And try to remain young at heart.

Picture of me playing in leaves taken by my daughter.


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Facing the storm

What is it that approaches

From stage left?


Can it be those heavy brocades

Weaved from storm clouds?


Or the rain coming down

In bars of coloured clouds?


Simson did his best to pose in the storm —

But I think he was secretly relieved when I took him and my camera home.

Pose copy

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Good manners

Manners make the person and a little courtesy goes a long way.

No one is ever too big to be kind or polite

Although some might be too small.

It helps too if you know how to sit delicately with your legs crossed

While waiting patiently for others to learn from you.

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On ice… just

It’s the time of year that canines and humans alike long for: the disappearance of the ice on the lake.

Oscar decided to investigate gingerly…

Nope – it’s still there.

The ice along the shore has melted leaving plenty of water

For a handsome dog to admire his reflection in.

A little further along, the blazing sun beckons

Us to play in its golden rays.

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Birthday boy

He’s charming, good-looking and very sweet-natured.

He’s good at swimming and running and carrying things…


…. in his mouth.

He’s also a good kisser, an excellent alarm clock – oh, and very hairy!

Now, if he could only go to the toilet by himself and do the cooking, I’d ask him to move in with me!

Wait a minute – I already did… three and a half years ago!

My 8-yr-old, Oscar – who puts colour, the smell of wet dog and exercise into my life!

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The tail of a sick dog

Day one: Actually this tale starts a couple of days before day 1 when Oscar stopped eating altogether (well, apart from those reeds, sticks – and yes, that skate blade protector)! Shortly afterwards, he started rushing upstairs to leave me sticky packets of vomited love next to the bed. In the middle of the night. And then he would complete his love by leaving a few more tokens of affection downstairs – for good measure!

Anyway, when Day One came around I was wondering just how worried I should be. According to the vet, very worried…. So we rushed him into the emergency vet’s, got him hooked up to all sorts of drugs (and no, the vets weren’t sharing) and took X rays to see what was causing the problem.

Sir Pe was Florence Nightingale while I stayed at home with the anklebiters and would have bitten my nails to the quick, if I were a nail biter, that is.

After a long series of X rays, the verdict was that something was blocking his colon – and yes, I’m referring to the dog’s colon here!. Pumped full of antibiotics and nourishing liquids, he was allowed back home. We thought he was going to be operated on the next day and Sir Pe spent the night on the couch next to the dog.

Day two: I thought the dog was going to die in surgery, so I elected to spend the day at the vet’s.

The X rays weren’t in agreement with my verdict and instead they showed that the mysterious UIO (unidentified intestinal object) was on the move. Good news – no surgery! The bottom line that day (if you’ll excuse the pun) was to take Oscar out for cold walks in order to make him poop out whatever was in there!

To no avail.

He was on the drip, off the drip, out for a walk, on the drip, off the drip, out for a walk…

Finally, an enema did the trick and the dog came back full of life and mischief — and a lot emptier too.

Was it a foreign object? We don’t know. The vet on duty on Saturday thought so. The Sunday vet thought it was more likely to be a build-up of gas – a kind of canine colic if you like.

Remind me that my next pet will be something simple – like stick insects, a man or a slinky, perhaps!

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It’s a dog’s life

It’s about time I told you the story of how we came to  have a dog called Oscar. You see, on Monday Oscar turns seven, so I thought we’d celebrate with his story (and a few tasty dog biscuits).


Oscar in 2007 when we first met him

Let’s turn the clock back two and a half years ago…

As I work from home quite a lot, I had answered an ad to be a dog sitter for a dog you all know (Frodo), so that he wouldn’t be at home all alone while his owners worked. Frodo comes from local dog breeders, who are famous for their beautifully-coloured working golden retrievers. The breeders had five or six dogs at that time, one of them being Frodo’s dad, Oscar. (Yes – our Oscar!)

Oscar was one of their stud dogs and his puppies were always booked up long in advance because people just fell in love with his sweet and generous nature. Unfortunately, he didn’t like living in a big flock of dogs and was getting more and more stressed.

Frodo’s owners brought him home, but as Oscar was very worried and followed them around all the time – he never seemed to be able to relax – they decided not to add him to their family.

That’s when they suggested that I go over to the breeders to meet him.

So, I did.

Although only a couple of weeks before, we had decided as a family not to get a dog until the kids were old enough to come home from school by themselves and walk the dog.

I didn’t tell Sir Pe, but took the kids out to the breeders. They were lovely as were all their dogs, especially a handsome 4.5-year-old called Oscar. I decided to bring him home for the weekend to see if he really was as sweet as everyone said he was.

On returning home, I did what any sane parent would have done: I made the kids go in first with the dog and explain to Sir Pe that he was spending the weekend with us! When Sir Pe wanted to take Oscar back at the end of the weekend, we all burst out crying.


And that’s  how we ended up with one of the kindest, gentlest and most patient dogs you’re ever likely to meet.

Big thanks to Bozo over at Pet Pride for featuring Oscar this week to celebrate his birthday!

We’re all searching for something

As I was looking through some recent photos, I noticed that our dog Oscar often had his nose buried in the ground.


What was he looking for? Exciting smells, traces of rabbits or just enjoying the feel of the cool dirt on his nose?


Head down, examining roots and leaves. What is he searching for?


Ah – at last! Is it the ball he has found – or autumn itself?

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A coat of autumn colours

Oscar is our working golden retriever. He comes into his own during the autumn.

His coat of fur the smell of fresh frost and the colour of crackling autumn leaves.


A blazing sunset coat of colour that matches the floor of a silent, leafy forest path.


A glowing jewel – a ruby perhaps? – to brighten up the dusk.

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