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Recipe for happiness

First, find out which way is up

And which way is down.

Totte - where is his face

Then, throw a snowball

Again and again.

Pure happiness achieved!

Totte - big jump

These photos of the Old English Sheepdog Totte were taken before the lake froze over

And the really heavy snows arrived.

Totte 1

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On ice

Last weekend was glorious!

Sun, dancing diamonds on the iced over lake

And a sky that made the heart sing for joy!

A perfect day for an adventure…

Some brave souls drove their cars out onto the ice and started a barbecue.

“Look! They’ve got a living room on ice!” the anklebiters squealed in delight.

Others slept in the sun while skaters swished by.

Children pretended they were knights jousting on their steeds.

And some of us stood still

And took the time to drink in the beauty of the moment.

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On thin ice

The snows have come at last! Along with the extreme cold…

It’s deceptive really, because you might think that the ice on the lake is thick enough to walk on.

One minute, you’re a dog blending in with the gold of the reeds…

… the next, you’re playing on the ice.

It’s thin enough to scare the wits out of your owner. She calls you back.

You try. There’s an ominous crack and your back legs slide into the water.

Luckily, it’s shallow and you make it back to land. You show your owner your icy bottom.

There doesn’t seem to be any harm done.

Quite the opposite.

Playing on thin ice seems to be invigorating.

(But it wreaks havoc with your owner’s nerves.)

So, it’s play on firm ground from now on…

… until the ice sets, that is.

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