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Molten gold

One chilly morning, the fog lay like

A silken scarf across the cemetery.


The church rose out of the golden mist

Like a ship riding on misty waves.


A caretaker’s van looked

Picturesque against the burnished sky;


And oh, the trees!

They floated in that sky of molten gold!


I’ll only be posting once this week as it gets crazy busy in the run-up to Christmas.

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Oh that winter light!

There is a narrow, hidden path that comes out

Next to a gorgeous lakeside house.


As you emerge from the path,

You might find yourself bathed in honeyed light on a clear winter’s day.

Light 1.jpg

The light pours golden and warm

Over the hibernating bees — reminding us that

There are sweet things just around the corner.


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By the lake

I found a charming beach hut

Down by the lake.

(A real Viking beach, isn’t it?)

Beach hut.jpg

The view across the frozen water

To the other side looks pretty too.


Further along, we turn up towards

The woods – and Simmie finds an old barn.

Simmie barn.jpg

The warm colour and old timber

Offers a peaceful sight.

Old barn.jpg

Before turning homewards,

I take a moment to enjoy

Simmie’s frozen whiskers.

Snowy whiskers copy.jpg

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A winter’s tale

Back in February, we took a trip to visit a new friend

Living on the shore of a large inland lake.

High and dry

Some boats were marooned in the harbour

And people strolled out onto the frozen lake

To enjoy the view.


I felt all buoyed up

By the dazzling snow and sunlight.


Just as we were leaving,

The sun made a glorious spectacle of itself

Casting a golden glow over this winter’s tale.


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Frosted light

If you wish for the light, be ready to receive it. — Rumi

Spring is on its way —

But only last week, the bright sun

And the feathered hoar frost

Turned the world into a black and white wonderland.

The sky may be bleached of colour,

But that frosted light is glorious!

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Fog, framed

Quite a few of my photo albums reflect the weather.

They have names like ‘frosty fun’, ‘snow – early’, ‘November snow’ and ‘more snow than you thought possible’.

They talk about ice, chill factor freezing and long winter walks.

I don’t think it will surprise you then to learn that these photos come from the album:

Freezing fog and frostbitten fingers.

But just look at the view – those cold fingers were certainly worth it.

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Simplicity, enhanced

A couple of weekends ago, I fell in love. Head over heels.

With this enchanting church in Ljusterö. (Try getting your tongue around that!)

Yes – this is the same church featured in my previous post…

Magical skies are the only decoration this simple wooden building needs.

The tower is framed with bare branches,

The setting sun lights up the snow,

A feeling of serenity falls.

The world is breathing in harmony.

There is no need to try to create a perfect world.

Just celebrate the one we already have.

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