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The Yin and Yang

A while back, my daughter received a bouquet of flowers after singing in her school show.

As they graced the kitchen table, I notice a bright beam of light leading the eye to

A bud holding the fuzzy promise of hope to come —

In stark contrast to the unfurled beauty of a tulip already in full bloom.


I took the bouquet outside

Into the gentle snow,

snowy vase

And enjoyed the yin of the white snowflakes

On the yang of the rich red petals.

Snowflaked red tulip

Suddenly, my philosophical mood was broken

By Oscar photobombing my photo session.

But I guess that’s what yin and yang is all about —

Complementary forces (even if it is just a dog’s tail)

Forming harmony to remind us

That we are all part of a greater whole.


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Those big April skies

April seems stuck in the beauty of winter.

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed

A pink panorama of big skies and fluffy clouds.

PInk and moody

And only a couple of days ago,

The snow cover on the lake was gone

And the cold mist seemed to make

The clouds as silver and soft as silk.

Gently, almost secretly, spring is approaching!

Mid-April panorama

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Frosted delight

Come and let’s take a walk through my enchanted world.

In the early morning, the freezing temperatures

Create art out of silver beeches


And the hoar-frosted trees frame

The pyramid of the swings at the end of our street.

Hoar frost swings

Once out on the lake, I walk past

An enchanted red boat house

Hiding among frosted branches.

Hoar frost - red house copy

Zooming out with my lens, I see the boat house

Belongs to this summer cottage

Patiently waiting for warmer days.

As for me, I’m enjoying the last cold days

Of magical hoar frost and ice.

Hoar frost - red house 2

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December roses

The mild grey weather of December

Sent me the gift of a perfect luminous pearl

Speaking of renewal and hope in the middle of winter.

Pink perfection

Strung with a necklace of melted snow

Tells a tale of gentleness and endurance.

A faded beauty and a rose ready to bud

Reminds us – in this time of making resolutions –

To keep the goodness of the old

While enjoying the promise of the new.

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Simplicity, enhanced

A couple of weekends ago, I fell in love. Head over heels.

With this enchanting church in Ljusterö. (Try getting your tongue around that!)

Yes – this is the same church featured in my previous post…

Magical skies are the only decoration this simple wooden building needs.

The tower is framed with bare branches,

The setting sun lights up the snow,

A feeling of serenity falls.

The world is breathing in harmony.

There is no need to try to create a perfect world.

Just celebrate the one we already have.

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Sometimes the simplest of things can be the most beautiful.

Unadorned they are poems to heaven.

Like this simple white wooden church.

White timbers from the 1700s;

A simple stained glass window

And the beauty of planks fading in the snow.

Hiding there, waiting to be seen,

Awaits the gorgeous beauty of imperfect simplicity.

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Merry sky

We’ve had a spate of white skies and snowstorms recently; but now and then, the sun bursts through in a wonderful explosion of blue and white.

This picture raised my spirits and I set it as my desktop picture so that I smiled every time I sat down at my computer.

Now you can do the same, if you wish.

Click the picture to see it in full resolution and then feel free to download it or transfer it to your computer to enjoy. (Just drag the full size picture onto your computer desktop.)

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky!” — Buddha

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