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Wet dog picnic

I found some good memories of Oscar and the kids from a couple of years ago in my archives…

We don’t often have sunset picnics on the jetty – here’s why.

Notice the lovely dry jetty as we unpack our food.

On the jetty.jpg

Now look at how wet it is.


And this was the reason why —

Dear Oscar could never resist a swim!


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Rock ‘n Roll Queen

Ruby’s previous owner trained her to jump up

On very tall rocks for treats. She seems to enjoy it.

On stone

Last week, the mornings were cold (minus temperatures)

But Ruby decided to break through the ice for a swim anyway.

Ruby wet copy

She then scaled a tall rock

And decided to share a spring shower with me.

Ruby shower

Once out of the water,

She started to steam in the cold air.

Steaming copy

No matter how hard he tried,

Simson just wasn’t agile enough to jump onto the top of that tall tall rock!


In the meantime, Ruby remained at the top,

Enjoying the sunshine in majestic solitude.


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Diving for rose petals

Many many thanks for all your wonderful messages of sympathy on Oscar’s passing. It has meant a lot to me.

This week I went down to Oscar’s favourite place, the jetty on our lake,

And threw some rose petals into the water as a way of honouring my furry friend.

Ruby, who is Oscar’s great-granddaughter, and who we have been fostering for the past nine months,

Decided to honour Oscar in his favourite activity: diving into the lake.

Ruby rose petals copy

She carefully retrieved one of the roses

And placed it on the jetty.

Bright colours copy

We sat for a while

Enjoying the autumn scenery and good memories of Oscar.

I’d say that a part of him lives on in Ruby, who is now our own dog.

Ruby on pier copy

Be warned: you might see more pictures of wet (and dry) dogs here on my blog after all!

Big brown eyes copy

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Goofy face

Oscar, my working golden retriever, never disappoints. He’s always ready to jump in and have some fun!



And ready to roll!

Anyone want to join in?

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Shake it, shake it – baby!



Wet dog.

This is my favourite kind of shake! What’s yours?

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Meadow sweet

Summer sent me the joy of velvet green grass

Sprinkled with meadow flowers and clover

And a happy wet dog.

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Spring goofiness

Spring brings out the goofy side of us in a wonderful way, don’t you think?

It can make our ears flap and our bodies tingle.

If you’re a dog like Oscar, then spring means only one thing: wild jumping and swimming.

Find a good diving spot, take the plunge, swim and repeat.

Again and again – for maximum joy.

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Shaking rainbows

The summer cottage that we have hired for six months was drenched in sun.

(Perhaps I should just clarify that Oscar is looking for his Kong!)

So imagine our surprise when we went to the little beach and discovered big blocks of ice still floating in the bay.

But that didn’t stop Oscar, the dog, from taking the plunge

And shaking icy rainbows of joy all over us.

No need to ask if the water is cold.

We move to the jetty to enjoy the sun and the view.


Oh oh – here he comes again!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

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Birthday boy

He’s charming, good-looking and very sweet-natured.

He’s good at swimming and running and carrying things…


…. in his mouth.

He’s also a good kisser, an excellent alarm clock – oh, and very hairy!

Now, if he could only go to the toilet by himself and do the cooking, I’d ask him to move in with me!

Wait a minute – I already did… three and a half years ago!

My 8-yr-old, Oscar – who puts colour, the smell of wet dog and exercise into my life!

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Model skies

It was one of those rare evenings of delight: with that magical combination of kids, dog and a glorious sunset in the chilly air.

We ran up the hill to watch the sun setting and were greeted by a friendly photographer.

“At last! I can add some interest to my shots!” he exclaimed as he took artful pictures of us silhouetted against the canvas of the sky.

I decided to take my own photos as the man snapped his.

The dog, Oscar, was the star. The man wanted to take shots of him shaking himself dry and jumping into the lake.

Just as we thought we were satisfied, he came up with the idea of trying to capture the splash of the dog in harmony with the splash of the stick.

Modelling is a hard job, but Oscar performed his duties with joyful abandon.

He was sad when it was time to go home… and jumped in again. This time just for fun.

The man cycled off into the dwindling night while a wet dog, two chilly kids and I made our way home to a warm bath and hot chocolate.

A model ending to a magical evening.

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