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Summer swan

Life is busy with deadlines, work

And enjoying the beauty of summer,

So I won’t be able to visit your blogs this week.

Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly….
~Pablo Neruda

Summer swan.jpg

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Parasol skies

Late summer — and dawn is finally making an appearance again at a reasonable time.

Some mornings, sunrise unfurls like a parasol

Made of blue silk;


Sometimes the dawn

Is an orange burst;

Orange burst

But my favourite kind of sunrise

Is one of peace and reflection,

A canvas ready for colour

And the signature of three small birds in flight.


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Golden thread

If I had needle and golden thread

I’d weave you a glorious tapestry

Golden dawn copy

Of clouds

And colour at dawn.

Dawn 2

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Clear light

There is beauty there

In that ribbon of clear light

After the storm.

Clear light 2

And, of course, there’s always

Swimming for Oscar!

Clear light sunset copy

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And Camera Critters.

Golden bowl

The longest day (and shortest night)

Threw the sun against

The golden bowl of the sky

Golden 1 copy

And wrapped up the lake

In ribbons of cloud.

Golden 2

Gone half past ten at night

And still light.

An infinity of reflected beauty.

Golden 3

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Sleepless in Stockholm

It’s hard to get sunset or sunrise shots at the moment with only three hours of night.

But a couple of days ago, as I was falling into a deep sleep at ten in the evening,

A loud hissing filled the bedroom. I ignored it.

Balloon 1

Another loud hissing.

So I dashed outside to catch the second balloon on the horizon.

It hung there in stillness

Before swooping down and disappearing.

Balloon 2

All that was left

Was the delicious pink swirl

Of another gloriously light summer evening.

Pink swirl

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The old mill

You would probably walk right past this humble old cottage

If it weren’t for the sound of rushing water.

You’ll be happy you took notice —

The house is unusually tall and narrow

With marvellous old wood that speak of its age:

Three centuries in existence as the old mill house (Olhamra Mill)

That used to distribute water to the lands around it.

Nowadays, it’s a summer house

Where the owners look as if they stopped painting one of the doors

To enjoy the delight of the singing water.

Before following the bend in the road,

Make sure you turn around one last time

To enjoy the hidden beauty of this age-old jewel.

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S is for Summer…

… S is for the social butterflies that gather by the lake.

(Look to the left of the photo – I love the joy of that man laughing.)

… For the serenity of another dazzling sunset.

… And for skipping stones in pajamas on a warm summer night.

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Humble reeds

Have you noticed the way water reflects the sky

As blue silk

Or how the sky lends even unnoticed reeds

A golden glory that is all their own?

One of the miracles of nature is the fact that even

The humblest of places are filled with beauty.

Just as in life.

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My street

Nothing – and everything – happens on my street.

Lives are lived out in tears and laughter.

Seasons enjoyed and wondered at.

First hard frost


My street is just that – a street with twenty-one houses flanking both sides.

Some of the houses are right on the lake – but not ours. (Which is probably just as well as I would be glued to the windows with a camera in my hand!)

I can open the door and find myself by the lake in a few seconds flat – ready to document the first snow that arrived only five days after the first hard frost – and which sadly disappeared only a day later.


First snow

If you walked with me by the lake, we might stop to admire the rickety old jetty with its view of the farm on the other side of the water.

We could laugh with joy as we watch the melting snow bouncing on the path to create rainbows.

And, if we’re really lucky, we could catch those magical snowflakes and appreciate the beauty of our seemingly mundane lives.

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