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It’s just a number…

Welcome to my birthday party today! That’s right – I just happen to be a year older on this very day.

How old? Well, I like to say that age is just a number and that it’s the life in your years that counts… But if you push me, I have to confess that my age has a 0 in it.. and a 5… (though not necessarily in that order)!

For some strange reason, this is an important age in Sweden and after discussing it with their friends, the anklebiters have come to some conclusions:

Anklebiter #2 (6.5 years old): “Mama, when you’re 49 years old,  you can still play with children. But when you’re 50,  you have to stop…”

My reply? You only have to stop if  you grow up as well as old.

Anklebiter #1 (8 years old): “All my friends are jealous that you’re so old.” (Why – thank you!) “You’ll have to take lots of rests when you turn fifty though…”

Ahhhh – if only!

And if I am to go through a mid-life crisis, then I’m not sure which one it should be, as Steve Toltz so amusingly put it:

“There were no two ways about it: I was in a crisis. But recent shifts in the behaviour of different age groups made it hard to know what type – How could it be a midlife crisis when the forties were the new twenties, the fifties the new thirties . . . I had to read the lifestyle supplement to make sure I wasn’t going through puberty.”

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