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Making a splash

Late summer evening —

The sky is sizzling as the sun goes down.


It’s hot.


If you’re a dog, then you run,

Jump and enjoy!


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Swimming on Sunset Boulevard

My daughter turned 16

At the beginning of August

And I organized all kinds of surprises.


We finished the day

With a surprise swim at sunset.


The sky turned from orange to purple:

A perfect ending to a perfect day.


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Picnic skies

Mid-July and the sun was setting somewhere around 10.30 pm:

Perfect for a late-night picnic on the pier.

Picnic 1

As with all our picnics where Oscar is involved,

We end up pretty wet — whether we’ve been swimming or not!

Picnic 2

Life is pretty good though:

Jump, enjoy life, repeat.

Picnic 3

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Silver spring

Last week, spring was in full bloom

With no ice on the lake

And swimming dogs in the sunset.


Today, it’s the spring equinox

And we celebrate with a silver dawn

And lots of snow.

Silver morning copy

The swans formed a heart

That seemed to be saying:

Don’t complain – just enjoy!

Grey geese

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Of leaves and swimming

It continues mild here for the time of year,

So, you won’t need too many layers as you join us for a walk.

Let’s start off with a refreshing swim.

First swim

As the sun rises over the horizon, it creates

Copper mosaics,

Sun through tree

And electricity lines glow like

Golden necklaces


While the leaves on the birch trees

Shine like luminous earrings.

Luminous leaves

Breathe deeply – this is where we get our energy from.

Enough energy to finish off our long walk

With a splash.


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There’s nothing quite like a lovely long walk, a swim and a shake, and breakfast  with your best buddy.

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What can I say?

Oscar loves water – even if there are still some ice floes in it!

When you feel the impulse to soar, why content yourself with walking?

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Anatomy of a jump

(You can click the photos to enjoy the full glory of a wet dog.)

First comes the thinking; the temptation that is almost too much to bear.

Then, take the plunge! A streak of gold…

A glorious splash heralds fulfillment.

Submerged in delicious abandon…

Leading to satisfaction.

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