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Skimming eternity

The yin and yang

Of swans


Skimming the lilac-coloured

Water of the sunset


And floating off into eternity.


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September swan song

Whether in the early morning,

With fog and stripes of light;

Swan stripes.jpg

Or dressed in purple gauze

At first light;


And even winging away at sunset

On the tips of feathers —

September’s swan song is beautiful.


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Summer reflections

Standing on the edge of the lake,

The water as calm as a mirror,


I spot swans

On the other side


And a bridge floating

Among luscious green reflections.


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Swan Lake — with cloud tutus

A misty dawn

In lilac and blue;

Swan lake

A swan floating

Serenely through the mist;

Swan in clouds

As dawn ends, the fog disperses

In clouds made of pink tutus.

Pink mist

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Swan Lake – the frozen version

A while back – before the ice melted on the lake —

Stormy pink clouds attracted my attention.



Among the reflected clouds,

I saw a feathered group of swans,

Enjoying the dawn.

Iced swans

They remained there for a long time,

As if frozen to the ice.

Later on, they were gone

And only their memory — along with the clouds —


Iced clouds

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The yin and yang of flying

The noise is what first attracted me.

A huge commotion of wings and flapping.

Swans are so ungainly when trying to take off for flight

Yet so graceful in the air.

Rainbow swan

The up and down of their wings,

The harmony, the pain and the beauty,

The yin and yang of life.

In flight

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Swan light

I do believe

The wings of the swan

Love the light of the setting sun.


Swan sunset copy

“Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am
to be blessed.” — Mary Oliver

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Swan sunset

The rain clouds parted

To reveal a sky turned to copper

And a flaming sheet of water

For the swans to dance on.

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The space inbetween

Let there be spaces…

… in your togetherness. — Kahlil Gibran

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It’s tough being a kid these days.

Those bullies in the playground, those endless billboards showing perfect hair, perfect teeth, the perfect body…

It makes you want to hide from the world; it’s all too easy to make kids feel ugly or unwanted.

We have to give them the self-confidence to believe in themselves

And realize that they too are filled with light and beauty.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
— Confucius

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