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Wisteria love

I had a lovely visit with my mum!

Before going off to the hotel where we were staying,


She urged me to walk to the neighbouring village

To enjoy the house with the wisteria.

And I’m glad I did!

Wisteria side.jpg

The front door declared the house was called

The Old Priory.


Look at the windows and the flowers —

I fell in love. Who wouldn’t?


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I’m off to England at the end of the week —

It’s a very special occasion.


My brother is getting married!

So there will be celebrations, the eating of good food


And some long walks up on the South Downs, I hope.

I’m looking forward to a love-filled week.

(I’ll be back on my blog in a week or so. Until then, take care!)


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Quintessentially thatched

There is something so

Quintessentially English about old thatched cottages.

Magnolia and cottage

Most of the buildings with thatch

Pre-date the 1800s and a good thatched roof

Can last up to fifty years.

Looks as if this cottage needs a new roof though!

Old thatch

The new Globe Theatre

(A modern reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe)

Is the only building in London with a thatched roof.

The Globe

However, I prefer my thatched buildings

Slumbering among wildflowers, don’t you?

Thatched roof copy

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Gothic revival

Nestled in the green hills of the South Downs in England

Is a magnificent example of a Gothic Revival church: Lancing College Chapel.

Outside facade

Its spires soar up into the sky, giving me vertigo

And reminding me of Hogwarts College.


It is the largest school chapel in the world

And a well-known landmark in Sussex.


Even though it’s only 100 years old,

It’s due for a cleaning.

Can you see the mossy windows?

All in all, it’s a stunning piece of architecture.

Mossy windows

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Blue sky with side orders

Thank you for your best wishes about my dad’s health. Recovery will be slow, but at least it’s going in the right direction.

It was mild when I was in England, so now I present:

Blue sky with a side order of…

Palm tree (outside my parents’ house);

Palm tree

Love birds on antennas


And street lamp with reflection.

Let’s spare a kind word and smile — or extend an invitation — to those feeling alone or depressed during this holiday season.

Street lamp

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Birds on a wire

I’m still in England —

And probably enjoying a view like this one over the Sussex countryside.

I just love the lamps, the birds

And the golden tapestry of the field behind.

Birds on wire

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Of history, patience and flowers

On my last trip to Sussex, I visited the ancient village of Ditchling with my sister and her husband.

We started off with the historic church dating back to the 1100s.

My eye was drawn to this old cross in the graveyard.

(You can see my sister in the background patiently waiting for us to finish taking photos.)

Old cross

The graveyard had a magnificent magnolia tree

With fuzzy buds about to burst into bloom.


From the church, you get a good view of the timbered old manor house

That Henry VIII gave to Anne of Cleves.

anne of cleves house

No village is complete

Without its bright red letter box …

Letter box

And no English spring complete

Without its gardens full of daffodils.

Daffs copy

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I’m a big fan of the quirky and the lovely. Here are some interesting sights I saw in England on my trip there last week.

It was surprisingly warm – and this huge magnolia tree was in full bloom

Next to a charming old thatched cottage from about 1550.

Magnolia-cottage copy

I found this pair of bellows on the outside of an old flint cottage, dated circa 1724.


A few doors down, a watchful dog

Keeps an eye on passers-by.

Dog in wall

The faded beauty of an abandoned garage

Caught my eye.

Blue copy

The highlight of the weekend was my father’s birthday –

And a reunion with my family of nuts.

These are my two sisters. (And they call me crazy!)


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Stopping for skies

Last summer in England was a good one for skies.

I made my sister drive me up to the Downs

Where I got a gorgeous view of Lancing College —

And the sea melting into the horizon and becoming sky.


I also made her stop in a lay-by as I was fascinated

By the bright blue of the rain-washed sky

In contrast to the soft gold of the sheep-dotted hills.

Blue sky

And finally, this sky stopped me —

Dramatic, moody and beautiful

(Not unlike a lot of us)!

Drama copy

I’m away in England and might not get round to visiting you all.

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Lavender dreams

Flowers are happy things

And none more so than lavender.

Lavender bee copy

It’s bright and energetic

Perfuming the air

With its fragrance and colour

And vibrancy.

Lavender 3

Lavender is the colour of summer for me.

What about you?

(Just realized that I’ve passed FIVE years of blogging! Thank you all so much for reading.)

Lavender blur

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