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Picnic skies

Mid-July and the sun was setting somewhere around 10.30 pm:

Perfect for a late-night picnic on the pier.

Picnic 1

As with all our picnics where Oscar is involved,

We end up pretty wet — whether we’ve been swimming or not!

Picnic 2

Life is pretty good though:

Jump, enjoy life, repeat.

Picnic 3

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A girl’s best friend

A girl’s best friend isn’t diamonds or riches or clothes or looks.

It’s love.

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Weather forecast


With a possibility of showers…

… And a whiff of playful dog.

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The boys of summer

Sometimes a glorious summer evening explodes with sunny delight.

Calling your name so that you have to get out there and enjoy that light.

You rush to get yourself a set of wheels and you’re off!

Small or big, gliding is the only way to meet the intense joy of a light night.

And no matter how tough you look, there is still an appreciative spirit inside…

You are never too tough to enjoy a lovely sunset.

It really is all too easy to judge people by the way they look, isn’t it?

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