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Spring salsa

Here in Sweden, we have a fifth season that I like to call Springter.

It’s that mixture of spring and winter —

Eyelashes on crocus.jpg

With spring promising warmth one day,

Only to go back two steps to winter;


Then forward a step to spring.

You could say it’s spring and winter

Performing a salsa!

Ice and water.jpg

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Springter is that time of year when spring and winter compete to see who is going to rule the weather.

One day the sun is shining and spring is shaking loose with a rainbow of melting snow.

The next day, winter is back with a vengeance – fresh snow and ice make art out last autumn’s leaves

Still clinging to the trees in a display of perseverance.

A bud tries to unfurl but is caught there between seed and flower

Between spring and winter

Between hope and promise.

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(Don’t know about you – but I think this pretty much describes middle age too.)

True grit

It’s that time of year… the season at the cusp of spring and winter.. Yes, it’s springter!

A time for much gritting…

Paths are turned into icy rinks and have to be gritted to save limbs from being broken.

We grit our teeth as the warmth of spring is conquered by the chills of winter.

The dog is still injured and on leashed walks until May. Oh, what to do with all that surplus energy?

Young men from the county come out to school to fill up the green containers with sand and gravel, which can then be used in the school yard when it is dangerously slippery.

For me, this epitomizes the joyfulness of even the most humble job. Every time they throw a shovelful of grit into the container, the huge crowd of schoolchildren cheer and shout and celebrate with outbursts of “Strike!”

The more joyful the kids, the happier the men at work. Each shovelful is received with rapturous applause.

How will you share the joy and show someone how much you appreciate them?