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Singing in the sun

My daughter is singing at The Royal Wedding today, Saturday, with her class.

(Princess Madeleine, second daughter of the King and Queen of Sweden, is marrying New Yorker, Chris O’Neill.)

Yesterday, she was all geared up for the dress rehearsal

And in a happy mood.

Of course, Oscar had to escort her to the station

To make sure she got to the church on time.


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As you can imagine,it’s a busy weekend so please excuse me if I don’t get round to visiting you.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in seeing the class’ performance, then you can see a short video here.

Musical birds

After the silence of winter,

Spring makes itself heard in the loud

Symphony of birds

Twittering, singing, warbling.

It’s a feathered harmony of music!

Fire sky copy

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Of light in the darkness

December 13 is a special day (Lucia):

It’s when the Swedes celebrate light over darkness

With the eating of Lucia buns

And special candlelit ceremonies with beautiful singing.

Even the skies spread a gorgeous light

To let us know that the sun will return

And to remind us of love and compassion

In the midwinter darkness.

Rainbow sky

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Trilling times

When the silence of winter

Gives way to a wall of constant

Singing, trilling, warbling and chirping

By the birds of spring —

That, my friends, is a thing of wonder

And beauty.

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Call me naive…

I’ve become quite a crier since I became a mother. Or perhaps I’ve always been one and being with young children has just unleashed this previously unknown tendency? I cry my way through Disney films – and on the rare occasion that doesn’t see me blubbering at the happy ending, then the kids will ask me if I’m feeling all right. Because tears are a natural part of their lives.

Then there are the public events that I cry through – albeit more discreetly. There are end-of-school concerts and shows and singing events.

Like yesterday, for example. A simple singing concert, with young high voices so pure and clear that I found my eyes welling up with tears.

Call me naive, but there is something so pure and innocent and joyful in those moments that it stirs my soul.

Then I think back to the end of school ceremony in church last summer. (Yes, another tearful occasion!)

After seeing my daughter play the violin, four boys persuaded their parents to put them down for violin lessons.

Call me naive – but there is beauty and power in music.

And just as I’m about to try to become cynical, I look at the photo again.

Is it just me – or can you also see a row of tiny angels on the ledge underneath the window?

Call me naive: but is it so wrong to believe in the goodness of others?

Singing for your supper


Opera – you either love it or hate it!

Guessing game – answer revealed!

UPDATE! The answer to this riddle … is at the end of this post! (Don’t want to make life too easy for  you now!)

Can  you guess what I’ll be doing today? It involves balls – lots of them!

And some memorable characters with witty lines like:

Mrs D: Holidays are over people. Way over. Any more questions?

… Jason?

Jason: So how were your holidays?


G: Well, you sound like you’ve done a lot of singing too.

T: Yes. My showerhead is impressed.


G: You know, I once scored 41 points in a league game.

T: No way!

G: Yeah, and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwaved popcorn


And then there’s some singing and dancing thrown in!

A bit of romance and girl bitchiness and much wearing of hats …

… and what have you got?

Such is the intellectual culmination of my weekend:

I’m going to ??????

Well – give me your best guess!

Oh – and have a good weekend!

ANSWER: The intellectual highlight of my weekend was going to the cinema to see HSM 3 – that’s High School Musical 3, for you who are still uninitiated in this teen fad! (My kids are 5.5. and 7, so perhaps it’s not just a teen fad?)

There was lots of singing and dancing – but, unfortuately – no plot. Call me fussy, but having some sort of storyline is important. Right?