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Romancing the earth

Sizzling orange, a glowing setting sun —

That’s when the sky romances the earth

With its beauty.

(Picture taken in Ericeira, Portugal.)


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Windows of light

The beach at Baleal, Portugal, is covered in dunes

That are environmentally protected.

Vista copy

One evening, I went out at sunset

To see the dunes rising against the sky

Like the humps of camels

Windows of light

While the sun burst forth

In wonderful windows of light.


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Blue sky joy

We’re still at the charming cottage with the garden sloping down to the sea

And a private jetty inviting us to swim.

Swim 1

Each morning starts with a jump of joy

Under the blue jay skies of summer.

The day rushes by quickly when you’re having fun in the water.


(I only have a slow Internet connection so won’t be around much to visit you. Hope you’ll understand why!)

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Living your learning

Nothing much has been happening,

But as I look back at some summer memories

I realize that moments when we have taken the time to pause,

To enjoy, to reflect and to learn —

These are the moments that make up our lives.

Life is for learning – but one’s learning must then be lived. Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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On the beach

A day out at the beach

Can fill you with joy

And teach you that you need to make time for rest —

And space for play and imagination.

Even when stripped down to the bare bones,

We still have a rusty beauty.

At the end of the day,

It is enough simply to be,

And to be who we are.

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A day out

A boy and his father

Enjoying a day by the sea.

Small figures

On the immense canvas of the sky.

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I’m away in the UK. Wishing you all stunning skies and sunny days!

Shaking rainbows

The summer cottage that we have hired for six months was drenched in sun.

(Perhaps I should just clarify that Oscar is looking for his Kong!)

So imagine our surprise when we went to the little beach and discovered big blocks of ice still floating in the bay.

But that didn’t stop Oscar, the dog, from taking the plunge

And shaking icy rainbows of joy all over us.

No need to ask if the water is cold.

We move to the jetty to enjoy the sun and the view.


Oh oh – here he comes again!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

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Signs of autumn

I fell in love with the geese. (See my last post.) Those geese that were getting ready to leave us with autumn and fly to warmer climes.

They flew across the sky in battle formation.

They dive bombed into the cooling water one last time.

And then, then they were off – high up into the sky,

Into the sea made of clouds.

And I, I was left with sorrow at their going

And thankfulness for their beauty.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? — Rose Kennedy

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Sea-filled clouds

More skies from England. The Sussex coast.

I love the way the shabby beach huts

Give the tinted clouds a splendour

That trickles down as warm honey onto the pebbles.

I love the way the immense clouds of silver plate

Can make me feel as small as a tiny boat

In the palm of the world

And turn the sea to icy green.

I love the way the pearly clouds, the smooth pebbles,

The loving curve of the rocky promontory

Can be as vulnerable and tender

As a small boy and his father

Sharing sea-filled dreams.

(Click the photos to enlarge.)

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Postcard from England

Weather is here.

Wish you were nice.

Still on holiday in southern England — enjoying the rolling hills of the Sussex countryside and the pebble beaches of the coast.

Back after the weekend.

Many thanks for visiting me. And once again, sorry that I can’t pop in to visit you!