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Postcards from England

I had a great visit with my mum in England.

The day of my arrival saw the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia,

Which created a lovely background for sheep silhouettes.


The next day was warm and misty.

On our walk, we saw a strange, n-ewe species:

The two-headed sheep!

(Sorry about the baa-d pun.)


Our destination was this old, Saxon church

Dating back to the late 11th century.

My father is buried in this beautiful (and slightly isolated) location.


I’m busy this week with work so will only be posting once.

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The boy with the cart

Legend says that St. Cuthman was a poor shepherd, who was forced to beg from door to door when his father died.

As his mother was paralysed, he built a one-wheel cart to bring her with him. He set off to the east and eventually, the rope he used to pull the cart broke.

He built a church on that spot. Nowadays the church is known as St. Andrew’s and St. Cuthman and can be found in Steyning (that’s in West Sussex, England), where my sister lives.

Facade copy

Not much of the original church, dating back to the 8th century, survives.

But you can get a sense of the history and workmanship

From the arches – each one has a unique pattern on it.


The heavy wooden door looks ancient too.


Outside, graves that are hundreds of years old

Are now resting places for tree roots and branches —


And there is always time for contemplation of what life is all about

Between the vitality of youth

And the wisdom of the old.

(Still in England, so may not be able to visit you all.)

St. Andrew

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