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The little sauna house

At the beginning of the summer,

Building started down by the lake.

It was a lovely place to sit and contemplate the sunset.

(That’s Ruby posing.)


A few days ago, I went back to the lake

And could see that the construction was now finished.


Turns out that the local caravan park

Has built a sauna for its guests

On the shore of the lake.

(Still plenty of room for Simmie to swim!)


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Work is busy so I’ll only be posting once this week.

Hot dogs

It seems as if only a few short weeks ago, we still had snow on the ground.

Wait a minute, it was only a few weeks ago!

The heat came on suddenly, hardly giving spring a chance to do its thing.

Oscar feeling the heat...

When I say it’s hot, I mean it’s hot for here.

29 C for us is probably someone else’s winter – I do realize that.

However, it’s been much hotter indoors as our boiler went haywire and decided to pump out as much heat as possible — 24 hours a day.

Our house is designed to keep in the heat so it was like living and sleeping in a sauna.

A hot dog we met out on a walk...

Ah well, there is only one solution to the problem… if you’re a dog called Oscar.

(As for us humans, a nice man came and fixed the boiler.)

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