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Subtle rose

Sometimes dawn comes creeping with its beauty

Through intricate branches like patterns of lace —


Catching you unawares in open spaces

With its rosy fingers.


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In the pink

The first frost of the season

Sprinkled the flowers

With pink and ice.

Frosted pink

Silken threads of web

Filled the spaces

Between frozen water drops.

Pink webs

The last rose of the season

Seemed more perfect in

Its imperfection


And dropped a single petal

As a farewell to summer.

Frosted petal copy

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Frosted flowers

It’s still too mild and grey for November, so I’m looking back to the end of October

When the frost presented a cheery iced sun;

And a wild pink rose

Covered in cold eyelashes.

Further on, a rose bud

Shimmered with melted hopes and ice —

And I found myself

At the beating heart of nature itself.

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