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Horse breath

It’s that time of year…

When breath become visible

And whiskers shimmer in the sun.

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.” — Gregory Maguire

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Horsing around

It was one of those glorious autumn days

When the chill afternoon air turned

Breath to delicious smoke.

When my daughter met a new friend,

Isa, the New Forest Pony.

(The horse seems to be smiling, don’t you think?)

They rode into the sunlight

And round and round again,

While golden light – as thick as honey –

Made us thankful to feel alive.

(Sometimes you just have to hang onto that feeling of joy for as long as you can.)

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Bright spark

Every Friday, Anklebiter 1 (and sometimes number 2) and I head out to a horse ranch as soon as school finishes.

The road winds past dilapidated barns and wide open countryside; the road twisting and turning and narrowing as we near our destination in the middle of nowhere.

We brush Attila, who despite his name is a darling, and then we saddle up and my daughter rides away, with the rest of us (dog included) trailing after…

Last week, AB1 went to the field to fetch Attila. Several large horses blocked the way and wouldn’t let her out.

She asked me to help by unhitching the electric fence wires and then chase these horses – did I mention how huge they are? – away.

I took my gloves off and grabbed the hook thingie to detach the wires.

Apparently, you’re supposed to grab the plastic handles and not the actual wires of an electric fence…

I yelled loudly. I shook and you could almost see my skeleton as I vibrated like a cartoon character.

But my piercing scream did the trick. The large horses ran off, terrified.

The ranch owners came running.

“Oh, it’s just me!” I said with my singed hair standing up on end. “Just testing the electric fence for you…”


“It all works fine!”

(No wonder my daughter says I’m embarrassing…)

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