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Going back

By the time you read this, I’ll be visiting my mum in England (Sussex).


Hopefully, the rain will have cleared

And the trees will be out in full bloom.


We’re going on holiday

To Eastbourne, a town on the south coast,

So I hope to relax, spend quality time with my mum


And – of course, get some good views of the sea!

(All photos from previous trips back ‘home’.)

I won’t be visiting any of you this week, but a big thank you for popping by.


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Picnic skies

Mid-July and the sun was setting somewhere around 10.30 pm:

Perfect for a late-night picnic on the pier.

Picnic 1

As with all our picnics where Oscar is involved,

We end up pretty wet — whether we’ve been swimming or not!

Picnic 2

Life is pretty good though:

Jump, enjoy life, repeat.

Picnic 3

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Frosted skies

It’s cold and deliciously wintery now.

But a couple of weeks ago,

When it seemed as if winter would never arrive,

Frosted skies

The promise of winter hung in

The frosted sky

Painting hopes and lake

With glorious tones of gold.

Sunrise copy

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Beautiful drama

The autumn equinox arrived

With huge gusts of wind,

With dramatic blue clouds

And a shining path of light

Reminding us that there is balance in the world,

And beauty in all kinds of weather.

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