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Golden crunch

The gloomy grey weather continues …


So, I’m looking back to October’s golden crunch

When leaves floated on fog


And grass crunched underfoot

As we enjoyed the view.


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Of leaves and swimming

It continues mild here for the time of year,

So, you won’t need too many layers as you join us for a walk.

Let’s start off with a refreshing swim.

First swim

As the sun rises over the horizon, it creates

Copper mosaics,

Sun through tree

And electricity lines glow like

Golden necklaces


While the leaves on the birch trees

Shine like luminous earrings.

Luminous leaves

Breathe deeply – this is where we get our energy from.

Enough energy to finish off our long walk

With a splash.


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Frosted times

Let me take you back to the end of October last year,

To a cold day of frosted eyelashes on leaves.

Eyelashes copy

It was a stunning bright day

Perfect for a drive out to the horse ranch

Sporting its old Grand Central clock on the side of the barn.

Grand central

The brilliance of the sun

Turned the wires into art

Frosted wire

And behind the frosted thistles

I discovered a secret world of rainbow bubbles.

Frosted bokeh copy

On the way home, I stopped to admire

The endurance of this ancient rune stone

(And to wonder if the Simpsons was based on the pattern on the stone…

Look at those eyes!)

Old rune stone

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Delicious autumn

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
— George Eliot

There is something special about the blue weather of October with its intense skies. The leaves glow as if they were part of a Monet painting.

The very light of autumn makes the treetops sing and the grass shine.

The falling of the leaves whisper to the living, of new beginnings hidden there in the ending of things.

And there, up in the blue, a single leaf takes wing – the butterfly of autumn – to remind us that life is change.

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Through frosted glasses

September became October and offered the early riser a perfect lawn of lacy grass.

Crunchy frostiness underfoot. Tingling fingers encased in long-forgotten gloves.


The ghostly ground veiled in white offered the perfect contrast to the rich colours of trees and house.


A tree laden with rowan berries – a harbinger of a snowy winter. Peeking through the branches, a shy farm displays its new roof of frost, as if to say: At last! Autumn is here!


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