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Sleeping giant revealed

As I moved away from the brooding quiet of the sleeping giant, it became clear that it was no giant…


The helmet of a god?

No, some Norse god had carelessly discarded his helmet and left it to rust on the forest floor. Look at the helmet’s leafy plumes!

You don’t believe me?

Well, at first I thought I had come across some shelters or bunkers from the Second World War.


You can see that the bunker is half buried in the ground with lots of half-rusted doors. In fact, the backbone and the helmet part make up a large T shape with many doors and openings along its length.

Some online research proved me wrong: these military bunkers are actually remnants from the First World War, when Sweden was preparing itself from possible attack from the north. These bunkers were part of a series called ‘The Northern Front’.


Come on in!

Although one of the doors was wide open and seemed to be inviting me in, I didn’t take it up on its offer.

You know, just in case that giant or Norse god was still inside.