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Malaga murals

In Malaga, we stayed in a hotel near the bus and train stations —

And, as in many other cities, the area was a lot more run down


Than in the centre of the city.


I thought it had a lot of character

With its urban decay and murals –


Some of them posed existential questions,


While others just wanted

To give peace a chance.


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Small and simple

During my recent trip to England, I had a lovely outing to Clayton Church:

An ancient church mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086).

Clayton Church

The church loomed out of the sunlight

And the old wooden door looked like something out of a film set.

Domesday church copy


The simple yet elegant windows

Looked inviting.


Going around to the back of the church,

I could see the ancient walls

Next to the more modern part to the left.

Old walls

The view from the back

Was stunning too.


Apart from its great age, the church is most famous

For having some of the oldest murals in England,

Painted by monks somewhere between 1080 and 1150.

These remarkable wall paintings were forgotten

And then re-discovered some 700 years later during restoration of the church.

Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure. — Rumi


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