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Of rainbows and marshmallow skies

For one glorious day this week, the clouds disappeared

And let the sun frolic in a sky that was

The fragile blue of a jay’s wing.

And floating up high were delicious marshmallow clouds

That beckoned and said, “Come, take a sweet sticky bite of the day!”

Not to be outdone, the sun gleamed and glittered

Leaving a trail of sparkling rainbows

Like laughter

To lift up the spirits so that I shouted out in joy.

For more glittering skies, please visit: Skywatch!

Bursting that bubble

Dear Readers,

Some of you so sweetly suggested that I was downplaying my culinary skills by clothing myself in a dress of false modesty. As you pointed out, many good cooks do indeed say, “Oh! That’s just a little something I whipped up for you in five minutes!” when in fact they have taken days to lovingly and carefully concot a three-course meal that is so startling in its deliciousness that you might well think you just saw a pig go flying by.

Sadly, I am not one of those cooks.

In fact, I am not even falsely modest as I believe that this really is just a sign of pride. When I say I am bad at cooking, I mean it. And as we are such a loving family, I would like to present the testimony of my baby younger sister, who writes:

“Sorry to burst the bubble but those of you who think that LadyFi is secretly a good cook ( and I can hear the guffaws of SirPe and the kids all the way over here in sunny Perth, Australia) – think again!!!!”

Yes, those earth-shattering thuds you heard were, in fact, my family laughing their heads off. (Oh – there goes one rolling down the drive now…)


Melted marshmallows on garlic bread

I’m what you might call a ‘creative’ cook. I let my kids make up their own dishes – and then photograph them as evidence. My son gave marshmallows on garlic bread 9/10.

And this dish scored 100% in the ‘unusual but absolutely deliciously bizarre’ category:

Marmshmallow pizza - A la carte!

Marshmallow pizza - A la carte!

I know what you’re thinking now: My goodness, she wasn’t downplaying her skills – they are even worse than I thought possible!

At last – you are on the road to enlightenment!


The Non-cooking Cooking Guru

A little bit of fluff

What is it with food manufacturers these days? Marshmallows are being marketed as some kind of …

… diet food?!

Here is picture of a packet of the little fluffy pillows that we bought yesterday.

Can you see what it says there? “Hospitality Marshmallows – a fat free food.”

What it doesn’t say is that these bite-sized delights of fat-free tastiness are, in fact, packed to the brim with sugar! Or ’empty calories’ as our teachers at school taught us. They have no fat and no protein but they certainly pack a sugary punch!

Sugars include corn syrup (oh, the horror!), sugar, starch (don’t they use that to make collars stiff?), a bit of tetrasodium and some blue colouring (BLUE? Is that how they make these things so sparkly white?) to top the whole thing off.

Mmm… so that’s what makes them so inflammable, and so delicious, when you roast them over a fire….

Now – if you’re not looking – I think I’ll just have another one.