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Light burst

It’s cold.

The snow hangs heavy on the trees.

But oh, that lovely March light


Bursts into song to let us know

That if we hang on just a little bit longer

Then spring will be here.


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March delight

Sunny days and freezing nights

Create March magic:

Sparkling snowflakes,

Trees dressed in frosty crystals

And melting snowy spikes

That freeze the face and cause delight.

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Sometimes when you’re enjoying the colours of the setting sun,

You just can’t help but feel the joy bubbling up inside you

Until it tickles and delights

And make you want to roll around in happiness.

All we have to do is open our arms (or paws) and welcome in the joy of the day!

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High exposure

Sometimes the body can be starved of sunlight just as the heart is starved of love.

And when you finally get what you long for, your whole body tingles with delight.

You sing with the joy that life brings you.

I grabbed my camera and went out on a photo shoot (it’s been ages since the last one because of the cloud cover).

I didn’t realize for a while that I had left my ISO on a high number, but these over-exposed shots somehow reflect what I was feeling.

The colours were so strong and vibrant that they hurt my eyes with their intensity.

Somehow, the unaccustomed sun made everything so bright –

A dazzling feast for the eyes with splashes of merry colour here and there.

And even after I adjusted the exposure, that wonderful light persisted.

The light of life, of love, of spring in my mind.

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