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Postcards from London

My hotel in London was right opposite the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Here’s Tower Bridge with elegant accents of blue.


It was cloudy for almost all of my visit –

But I did manage one pink morning (snapped on my mobile phone).


Parts of the old Roman wall of London

Are visible every now and then.

(I like the way the old stone is reflected in the modern glass on the left.)


One late evening saw us in Chinatown

Under red flags and a popcorn-cloud sky.


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London skies

We arrived back yesterday so the house is full of unpacked cases and tired kids.

Of course, I have to keep my priorities straight by showing you some of the lovely dramatic skies that met us on our trip to England.

We had a fabulous day in London

And heard Big Ben tolling the hour.

The tower and spiky turrets against the dark clouds

Gave the buildings a wonderful Gothic feeling.

Peeking around the corner from the Houses of Parliament

Was the newly cleaned Westminster Chapel.

And, of course, with the Olympics starting on Friday

The view of London Bridge (and The Shard on the right)

Seems highly appropriate.

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