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I haven’t been walking down to the lake that often

As the path is treacherously icy;

But when we do make it down there, Ruby is Queen of all she can see.


Splashes of purple

Look like frozen ribbons

Declaring ‘It’s not spring yet.’


No matter how much we pine (get the pun?)

For warmer times, we just have to appreciate what we have.


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Lemon sorbet

The wild daffodils are like icy lemon bells

In the shadowed places of the woods.

Yes – it’s been a cold April!

Lemon bells.jpg

They glitter in the sunlight

Showing off their cold diamonds.


Later on in my walk,

I come across so many gold and lemon

Sparkles as the sun bounces of the ice on a fence.

(No editing needed here – these are all nature’s own sparkles.)


And finally, Simmie ‘hides’ on the path,

Hoping to pounce out at Ruby as she passes by.

(He’s a silly boy!)


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Frozen lilac

Winter comes in all colours of the rainbow:

Frozen lilac  – so enchanting!

A new kind of winter magic.

Sunset at - 17 C

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What can I say?

Oscar loves water – even if there are still some ice floes in it!

When you feel the impulse to soar, why content yourself with walking?

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The cold temperatures have coated my world with …

… delightful frosty beards,

delicious sugar-coated berries

and an amazing waterfall of ice.

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Frozen magic

Things have been magically cold over here!

Lustrous black locks are frosted in ice after a 15-minute-walk in -25°C.

The radiant smile is warming though.

Winter jackets are sprinkled with sugary snow as little boys plunge their way through hip-deep snow.

And there, amidst the swirling cream of a snowstorm, a girl’s purple gloves

Make the most of the moment.

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On thin ice

The snows have come at last! Along with the extreme cold…

It’s deceptive really, because you might think that the ice on the lake is thick enough to walk on.

One minute, you’re a dog blending in with the gold of the reeds…

… the next, you’re playing on the ice.

It’s thin enough to scare the wits out of your owner. She calls you back.

You try. There’s an ominous crack and your back legs slide into the water.

Luckily, it’s shallow and you make it back to land. You show your owner your icy bottom.

There doesn’t seem to be any harm done.

Quite the opposite.

Playing on thin ice seems to be invigorating.

(But it wreaks havoc with your owner’s nerves.)

So, it’s play on firm ground from now on…

… until the ice sets, that is.

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Extraordinary ordinary

Not much happens in my life. I work, I play, I laugh, I cry.

I focus on the small wonders of life.

A luminous leaf nestled in diamonds.

A strawberry jewel in the frost.

I have faith – even in the dark times – that there is beauty in the ordinary

And that life, in all its frailty, still contains the miraculous.

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On a cold and frosty morning

icy_leavesEngland and parts of France are currently shivering in temperatures that over here in Sweden can best be described as balmy, fairly warm and a side effect of global warming: – 5 C to – 7 C. It is provoking outbursts like “When did we last wake up to such hard frost?” Well – the  obvious answer is not within living memory….

Now, this isn’t quite true as my sister then went on to say: “Do you remember when?”

The winters of our childhood (well, when we found ourselves in the UK, that is – which wasn’t so often) were always white. And cold. With huge snowdrifts that could gobble you up. And they did!

My dad caught us frolicking in the snow as kids on his cine camera. One moment, I was a be-coated happy figure in hats and gloves, the next I had disappeared from sight. Fallen into the largest snow drift in the garden that, quite literally, covered me from head to foot.

Exit a cold and bawling Lady Fi.

But in recent years, such crisp air and glittering frosts have been sadly lacking: so far and few between that when they do occur, they inspire my sister to rush out with her big camera and get snapping. I’m proud to say that she’s done a great job!

spiders_webA spider’s web becomes a delicate pearl necklace. An ice-coated leaf a hidden treasure glinting in the sun.

Her kids finally get to experience some of the magic of a white winter. Long walks, apple cheeks, bundled up in warm clothes, hot steaming drinks that thaw out cold fingers and toes.

My sister and I so vividly remember school holidays with friends (the boys). Toboganning down steep slopes at hair-raising speeds (not a helmet in sight!), sometimes using our heads as brakes at the bottom of the hill on the hard iron fence. (Yes – it hurt. Thanks for asking. And yes, it does explain quite a bit about me!)

Once, I used my behind as a brake, merrily tearing holes in my trousers and legs. Another time, we hit a huge bump camouflaged as snow. My friend and I were shot up into the air and flung out onto the snow like stranded snowfish, while the old-fashioned wooden sled came crashing down and broke into many pieces. (That was the end of poor Rosebud.)

Oh – those were the good cold days! But imagine waking up to this glorious sight as they did in England yesterday.

frostyThe good cold days are back!

(All photos taken by my sister. N-ice one, sis! Oh – and I promise you some donkey poo stories soon…)