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My chocolate fix

I’ve just come back from my secret weekend adventure.

I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do. I just knew that we were going somewhere in the middle of the countryside.

It turned out that Sir Pe had checked us into Sätra Brunn, one of Sweden’s oldest spas. People have been coming here ‘to take the waters’ since 1700.

The spa is set in a huge park and two-hundred-year old buildings have now been converted into hotel rooms. (You can see one of the hotel wings in the long red building behind me in the picture.)

Some of the very old cottages are nearly 300 years old and are not used nowadays — like the old red cabin on the right-hand side of the photo below.

The oldest spring is Trinity Spring and it is still bubbling today. Housed in a wooden yellow building, it is open to everyone who wants to come and taste its water. Trinity Spring, together with six other springs dotted around the estate, provide all the drinking water for the spa resort. Nowadays though, the iron and sulfur are filtered out.

Trinity spring

After checking into the hotel, we wandered over to the swimming pool. The water was 34 C – almost as hot as the air at a balmy 30 C!

My next surprise awaited… a dark chocolate full body massage and facial! I smelled delicious, my skin was rehydrated and I was so relaxed I could have floated away…

As my one of my T shirts declares, “There’s nothing wrong with me that a little bit of chocolate can’t fix!”

Me - enjoying a chocolate glow

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