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Balloon sunset

My Saturday nights are fairly exciting 🙂 :

Balloons arriving.jpg

They consist of watching

The sun setting over the lake:

Preferable with a burnt orange sky


And balloons gently floating away on the horizon.


For more faraway horizons, please visit: Skywatch.

Floating away

Choose a golden ray —

Melt into the air

And float away

Like a balloon riding on a sunbeam.

Balloons copy

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(It’s just the anklebiters, the dog and myself on a private island for a few days, so I may be a bit late in visiting you all.)

Magical balloons

The long Scandinavian summer evenings are magical.

But some are more magical than others.

Especially when hot air balloons

Swoop through the golden skies

Like hearts

Before gracefully landing

Somewhere beyond the horizon.

For more magic, please visit: Skywatch.


Midsummer has been and gone, but for us, summer is only just starting.

Long days of spontaneous joys and laziness lie ahead.

And, best of all, the dazzling delights of late evening sunsets

Lie ready to unfurl their colours

And make us gasp in wonder.

For more spectacular skies, please visit: Skywatch.

Floating news

They came in flocks. Hissing as they swooped over rooftops.

Everyone rushed out with cameras, hoping to catch some of their colourful beauty

As they flew overhead like exotic birds.

One balloon hovered so near that we could read the newspaper headlines on it.

Later on, when the yolk of the setting sun broke to spread its gold on the waters of the lake,

Anklebiter #1 turned to me and said, “Don’t forget to tell your readers about the day the news came floating by.”

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Flying without feathers

Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from knowing the joy of flight. — Lane Wallace

I’m visiting my family back home in England, so I won’t be able to visit your blogs for the next two weeks. (I will have a few  posts going up now and then so please do pop in for a visit.)

I wish you many magical skies!

Fly by night

It happens again.

The phone rings and Sir Pe, who is out for an evening walk with the dog, tells me to hurry outside with my camera.

The sky is full of gorgeous balloons in the late setting sun.

I throw a cardigan on over my nightie. It is 10.30 pm and I was on my way up to bed.

I charge outside.

Fingers fumbling, framing the perfect picture.

Click. Nothing happens.

I remember that I have left my battery on charge, so I dash home. Get the battery.

Run outside to see most of the balloons disappearing over the horizon.

I’ve missed a lot of good shots.

I pause. Panting.

And drink in the wonder of flight without feathers.

All photos are straight out of the camera – and not edited at all. Click them to enlarge.

For more magical skies, please visit: Skywatch!