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Snow Dogs

Interior dog monologue (at the height of winter in February)…

Frodo thinks to self:

Does it look as if I’m having fun in this snow blizzard?

In fact, which dog in his right mind would enjoy the gale force wind and the lashing snow?

Oh, that’s right…


My dad, Oscar!

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Pub crawling – on ice

Every year – if the ice is thick enough – there is a skating race that starts right on our lake and finishes 30 km further south at Stockholm. The race track follows ancient winter trading routes that the Vikings used to take when going from Stockholm and back hundreds of years ago.

Here’s Oscar waiting for the first group of skaters… (You can always click the pictures to see a bigger version.)

The race is called The Pub Race because when the Vikings followed this winter trading route, there used to be lots of inns where they could stop and warm themselves up or spend the night.

And here they come!

Nowadays, the 30 km race takes place without a pause… although at  one point, the skaters have to take off their skates, cross a road and then run down a field in order to get to the next body of water.

Some people take it very seriously…

…While others are in it for the sheer fun of skating.

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